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Hall Fuller

We regret to inform our followers of the passing of Hal Fuller, following a long struggle with heart disease. He was the last surviving member of his family. Hal was a loyal partner in the production of GenderTalk from its inception. He will be remembered fondly for his popular Twisted Nasty News, for his good humor, dedication to radio and commitment to transgender education.

      Bon voyage, compadre!

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Rally for Transgender Rights

New video by Nancy & Gordene:

May 22, 2010, Harvey Milk Day: Activists rally for Transgender Rights on the steps of the Massachusetts State House. A bill adding "Gender Identity or Expression" to the state non-discrimination and hate crimes laws enjoys broad support but remains mired in committee.

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In the Wake of Hate Crime

Picture this: it's a crisp early December night, and you're walking down the sidewalk of a semi-urban street, carrying a candle whose flame flutters in the night, struggling to stay lit. On one arm, the mother of a trans woman who has just been murdered, and on the other, the sister. Trailing behind, a seemingly endless stream of mourners carrying candles. Against the semi-darkness of a busy street dominated by the sound of traffic and the glare of street lights, the stream struggles for visibility. The mother at your side is not shy about sharing her grief with the world around you, and her cries into the night - "Who took my baby!" - echo off the walls on either side. You did not know the murdered girl for whom the outpouring of grief and solidarity materialized almost overnight, but you cannot help but be moved, deeply, by her mother's generous sharing of her grief. You are part of a community of caring people who have lost one of their own to violence. The somber vigil moves on into the night, following as you lead the bereaved family to the site of the brutal crime. Your entire being resonates with shared loss.

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Missing Trans History: The Brandon Teena Demo

I was asked today to provide some transgender history for the upcoming GLBT history month (October). I did some research, and was disappointed to find some events that I considered pivotal to our history absent from most accounts.

The most important missing event, I think, is the demonstration on behalf of murder victim Brandon Teena on May 15, 1995. That's my photo from the event at right, showing a local news camera person and some of the demonstrators (click to enlarge).

Below is my email to "Jamie," including an account of the Brandon Teena demonstration, written shortly after by one of three event organizers, Davina Anne Gabrie. Following Davina Anne's account is my own brief observation.

Date: 05/18/95 11:23:03 PM


You're welcome to post whatever you wish. Here's the latest:

The Brandon Teena vigil was a resounding success. The weather was
perfect, the speakers brilliant, the sheriff supportive, the townsfolk
confused... and yes, there was some hostility, but much more support and
compassion. Here's one person's account:

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Now Available on DVD: Politics of Drag & GLAD's Trans Advocacy Video

Nancy & Gordene dress up in style for GenderVision's "Politics of Drag: Drag Queens & Theatre." They're joined by Abe Rybeck, artistic director of Boston's Theatre Offensive, for a wide-ranging discussion of the politics of drag, from personal stories to political demonstrations to the founding of the Theatre Offensive. Abe is joined in Part two by Eugene Tan, who lends his unusual perspective as a drag performer under the name of (among others) “Becca D'Bus”.

Also included on the DVD is a new transgender civil rights advocacy video produced by GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) in a collaboration among leading activist organizations in Boston. Titled "Everyone Matters," the 10-minute piece makes the case for non-discrimination protections for transgender persons, and is well suited to group presentations.

Order the DVD now, with the advocacy video and two complete half-hour GenderVision programs. All proceeds benefit transgender activist work, including the production of GenderVision.

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New GenderVision: Same-Sex Marriage

Now available, the latest program from Gordene O. MacKenzie, PhD and Nancy Nangeroni, this one titled "Same-Sex Marriage." In part 1, Pat Gozemba and Karen Kahn, authors of Courting Equality: A Documentary History of America's First Same-Sex Marriages talk with Gordene and Nancy about the first days of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. In part 2, Marilyn Humphries joins Karen and Pat to comment on, and share the stories behind, her photographs in Courting Equality.

Marilyn Humphries is an independent photojournalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, The Progressive, Bay Windows, and the Boston Phoenix.Pat Gozemba is a professor emerita of English and women's studies at Salem State College, and founding member of The History Project, documenting LGBT movements in Boston since 1980.
Karen Kahn is former editor of Sojourner: The Women's Forum, an activist, community-based, feminist newspaper. She edited Frontline Feminism: Essays from Sojourner's First 20 Years (1996).

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KRXQ Apologizes for Transphobia

After a particularly nasty morning segment targeting transgender kids, and a follow-up segment refusing to apologize, the hosts of a morning radio program apologize appropriately. Listen here.

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GenderVision: Transgender at Work

In this new GenderVision program we dive into employment issues faced by transgender persons. As transgender people work towards fair and equal protection of their right to work, at both state and federal levels, many grapple with the realities of being singled out for mistreatment in the workplace. Ethan St. Pierre, FTM transsexual and former security supervisor, talks about his experience of being harassed and fired simply because of his gender. Alishia Ouelette, MTF transsexual firefighter, talks about her experience as a firefighter in Danvers, where she remains on the job after undergoing intense public scrutiny.
Watch now at

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GEM Releases New GenderVision: "Feminism, Sex & Gender"

Gender Education & Media, Inc., the non-profit that supports the production of GenderVision and the maintenance of GenderTalk, announces the release of a new GenderVision program, "Feminism, Sex & Gender." This latest installment of the monthly series features Jaclyn Friedman, a queer Jewish writer, award-winning performance poet, co-founder of the "Women, Action & the Media" conference, and co-editor of "Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Power and a World Without Rape."

Join Nancy and Gordene as Dr. MacKenzie starts the conversation with a historical perspective on sexuality and feminism, from suffrage and Kinsey to ending violence against women. Then follows a lively discussion of a fresh perspective on feminism, sex and gender in today's world.

Also new, GenderVision is now being distributed to cable operators via internet, so it's easer than ever for your local cable channel to carry GenderVision. More Information

You can always watch the latest GenderVision at

Thanks for watching!

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GenderVision releases "Transgender Health Care"

Transgender persons, like everyone else, have health care needs, but theirs are most often poorly understood by providers who have little to no experience with this population. Alejandro Marcel, diversity educator and trans health consultant, joins with hosts Nancy Nangeroni and Gordene MacKenzie, PhD., in outlining the needs and concerns of transgender persons in their access to health care. Discussion ranges from barriers to receiving treatment, to specific differences between male-to-female and female-to-male needs, to the most recent results of medical studies.

Other program segments include a response to a transgender-disparaging Fox News segment, and a "Raving Raven" segment on gender diversity among animals.

Watch this and other GenderVision programs anytime at

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