Text of Flyer Distributed Outside Courthouse Before Palmer Sentencing:


Fact: The medical examiner's conclusion that Chanelle Pickett died of manual strangulation and suffocation did not stand up in court.
Question: Do we have a medical examiner whose testimony doesn't stand up in court, or do we have a medical examiner who doesn't care enough about the lives of poor black transsexuals to do a careful job on their behalf? Or is there simply no medical testimony that can stand up against the power of money?

Fact: Members of the jury stated that the prosecution did not do a good job of giving them the evidence they needed to convict Palmer of murder or manslaughter.
Question: They convicted him of an assault and battery that led directly to Chanelle's death. How could they not convict him of manslaughter, which was defined by the judge as a death resulting from the actions of another, including, for example, a heart attack directly brought about by an altercation?

Fact: The prosecution's argument that William Palmer killed Chanelle Pickett "to shut her up" was not convincing.
Question: If the prosecution couldn't come up with a more compelling case for first-degree murder, why didn't it admit to the jury that 2nd degree murder or manslaughter would be the appropriate conviction - or at least a possible alternative - instead of sticking with an argument it couldn't win?

Fact: Chanelle Pickett lived and died as a woman.
Question: Why does the media keep reporting on Chanelle as a "he", if not to fuel anti-transgender sentiments (and thereby violence) by an obvious show of disrespect?

Fact: Palmer admits knowing that the bar where he met Chanelle was a transsexual hangout, but claims that he didn't know that Chanelle "was a man".
Question: If he was so na´ve, so what? He picked her up at a TS hangout - wouldn't it be reasonable for her to assume that he knew about her? Could it be that Palmer led her to believe she had found a good man who truly liked her for what she was - a rare thing in the difficult life of a TS woman - only to cruelly reject her at a vulnerable moment, then use his size advantage to put an end to her inconvenient upset?

Chanelle Pickett's Murder was not an isolated incident.
It's one of a continuing series of murders of transpeople because they are gender different.


Transpeople are NOT disposable people

The Remember Chanelle Committee