Here's how to find Walker Memorial for the DOR planning meeting:
By T:

Take the RED Line to Kendall. Exit the station, you are now on Main Street at Cambridge Center. The Mariott Hotel is on one side of the street, turn so that it is on your right hand side and walk to the end of the block. Legal Seafoods is on the right-hand corner. There is a set of traffic lights, and the cross street is Ames Street.

Turn left and walk down Ames Street to Memorial Drive and the Charles River, just a couple of blocks. On your right will be a tennis court; on the far side of the tennis court is the Walker Memorial building, 142 Memorial Drive.

By Car:

From west of MIT, get onto Memorial Drive and pass under Mass Ave; you'll pass the Walker Memorial building on your left (see photo). Park if you see a space on your right, but get into the left lane by the yacht club. Make a U-turn at the next light, park wherever you can.

From east of MIT, get on Memorial Drive, pass the Cambridgeside Galleria and go under the Longfellow Bridge. After the next set of lights, start looking for parking; Walker Memorial is about 200 yards after the lights, on your right (nothing but water and boathouses on your right).

Inside Walker:

Walk up the front steps and enter, then immediately turn right. We will be meeting in the small room just outside the Muddy Charles Pub.