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  Pride and Shame
Nancy R. Nangeroni

Every day I look at the world all around,
and I think of the craziness that got us here.
The slavery and genocide, overdevelopment and pesticide,
War and torture and amassing of fortune
Exploitation, segregation, humiliation, degradation
A vast broken machine beyond our control
I'd have to be crazy to stand in its' way
And yet somehow each day, something moves me inside
A spark catches somewhere and pretty soon I'm on fire
With the burning inspiration that change is at hand
As Martin Luther King, and Joan of Arc would tell you
There's no power on earth that can beat inspiration
Not when it's backed by perspiration

Who says this movement's not for me,
I don't care if they've got polls that agree.
Spare me your rich organization's decree
That you've added to your name my identity.
This movement was born not by vote of someone,
But by a dream taking root and bravery done
Our own inspiration ignites our belief
That from our suffering there can be relief
Change will come, we've no choice but to act
What looks like courage is just the cold hard fact
That when the bottom is reached we have no more choices
The only way is up, and raising our voices
Is just the first step towards ending the pain
On the street, at work and in bed it's the same
This is our land too, and if there must be shame
Lay it on those who would douse freedom's flame