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Ways that YOU can help make a difference
Together we're making progress! Sometimes it's just a single sentence or phrase that resonates with someone enough to get them to change their position on gender issues. Your perspective is guaranteed to be slightly different from that of anyone else, and your words, however inelegant, might just reach someone in a decision-making position. If you've never done this before, all the more reason to take a positive step towards making the world a friendlier place for yourself - and the rest of us. You can do it! It won't hurt, and it IS what creates change. PLEASE, take a few minutes and maybe make a real difference.

The following are ways in which YOU can make a difference right where you are with just a few minutes of your time. Become an activist whether you're 'out and proud' or not in a position to take risks. We have yet to hear of a single case of a person getting into trouble for writing a polite note or letter to an elected official in support of a trans or gender cause.

ACT NOW - Help PASS a Trans-inclusive Federal Hate Crimes Act
"We have the votes to pass an inclusive federal Hate Crimes Act in the House, if we can just get the Republican leadership to allow it to be voted on."
- Paraphrase of US Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) on GenderTalk (5/28/05)
  Hate Crimes legislation including gender identity has PASSED the House!
Ask Senator Kennedy to make the Senate version trans-inclusive:
  1. Ask your family and friends to write Sen. Kennedy NOW, urging that the Senate's Hate Crimes Act of 2005 be made explicitly inclusive of all transgender and gender non-conforming persons, by including the specific words gender identity and expression.
  2. Senator Kennedy's Email address: