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  What's to Read Here  
  • Articles: Writings by Nancy Nangeroni, Gordene MacKenzie, and other leading thinkers and activists in the transgender movement. From historically significant works dating back to the mid nineties, to a new wave of writing on current-day issues and events, enjoy our growing collection of thought-provoking perspectives. [Go there now]
  • Resources: A list of carefully selected resources, the best available, on transgender, gender, and progressive issues. Better than a google search when you want the highest quality resources rather than just the most popular. Continually updated. [Go there now]
  • Forum: New to GenderTalk, our forum is a community-created area for real conversation about real issues. Not just a place for reading, but a place for interacting with the authors (and hosts). [Go there now:]
  • Blog: An occasional, wide-ranging blog by Nancy Nangeroni, Boston-area trans activist, on the activist, gender, and progressive issues of the day, as well as notes of interest. [Go there now]