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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His last speech, delivered in support of striking sanitation workers, the day before he was assassinated (1/14/06)
Olga Vives Action Vice President of the National Organization for Women, on the threats to individual rights posed by the Alito Supreme Court nomination (1/14/06)
Felice Yeskel Academic and activist, on the economic apartheid currently growing in America (12/10/05)
Jodie Evans Co-founder of Code Pink: Women for Peace, on her antiwar work with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, TX, and her visits to, and assessment of the current situation in, Iraq (8/20/05)
Paul Kivel Author of a new book titled "You Call This a Democracy? Who Benefits, Who Pays and Who Really Decides", on the ruling class in the US (11/29/04)
Cynthia Kaufman Author of the book "Ideas for Change: Relevant Theory for Radical Change", on activism and creating change (4/26/04)
Bob Pederson Director of a non-profit organization that deals with food security issues, on the safety and security of your food (12/8/03)
Diane Wood Director of the Center for a New American Dream, on ways we can all help move us towards a more ideal future (10/6/03)
Deborah Lake Fortson Playwright and activist, on the international trade in sexual slaves. (5/5/03)
Melinda St. Louis Witness for Peace coordinator, on some of the repercussions of American policy in Latin America (4/28/03)
Bob La Trémouile Environmental activist, on the plot to eradicate the flock of wild geese which make their home in the city of Cambridge (12/2/02)
Simon Aronoff Improving the communications abilities of activist organizations (5/6/02)
Ted Glick Labor issues from a progressive perspective (9/3/01)
Barbara Gottfried Exploitation of university professors (11/13/00)
Ted Glick Progressive social activism and "Future Hope" (9/4/00)
John Grebe The growth of independent media activism (7/24/00)
Diana Russell Leader of a boycott against a sex slave trafficker (6/26/00)
Minnie Bruce Pratt How she got involved in anti-racist activism (4/24/00)
Minnie Bruce Pratt Mumia Abu Jamal and the upcoming support event in NYC (4/17/00)
Catherine Manegold Race, Gender, and Shannon Faulkner's struggle to attend The Citadel (3/27/00)
Thomas Coleman Director of the American Association for Single People, on discrimination against unmarried people (8/30/99)
Minnie Bruce Pratt Gender and anti-racist activist, on Mumia Abu Jamal (4/5/99)
Nick Wood &
Justice Williams
Local activists organizing in support of Mumia Abu Jamal (4/5/99)