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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Live at True Colors Nancy & Gordene host an exciting GenderTalk Live! in front of an enthusiastic audience at the True Colors Conference, a gathering in Central Connecticut for and about LGBT youth. Guests include Homo No Mo's Peterson Toscano, a variety of youth participants, the return of Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News, and much more. (3/25/06)
Lily McBeth 70-year-old transgender school teacher from New Jersey, talks about her struggle to be allowed back into the classroom after coming under attack by parents (3/11/06)
Brett Genny Beemyn Coordinator of GLBT Student Services at Ohio State, on OSU's support for trans students, and a new study on development of transgender identity (7/30/05)
Julie Underwood National School Boards Association general counsel, on their publication titled "Dealing with Legal Matters Surrounding Students Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity" (10/18/04)
Julie Novak Author, on two coloring books that aim to change the way that children view girls and women (10/04/04)
Andrea James Author and activist who runs tsroadmap.com, details her analysis of, and objections to, the philosophy of transgender behavior and motivation promoted by Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence and called "autogynephilia". (9/13/04)
Jill Weiss Transgender lawyer and graduate student, on anti-trans discrimination at Northeastern University (7/21/03)
Dr. Donna Lopiano Executive Director of the Women's Sports Foundation, on Title 9, the equal opportunity measure passed 30 years ago that is under attack for diverting funding from boy's athletics (2/24/03)
Denise LeClair IFGE General Manager, on the future role of the International Foundation for Gender Education (4/15/02)
Jane Margolis Co-author of "Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing," on women in computer technology (4/1/02)
Eileen de los Reyes & Al Ferreira "Pockets of Hope" co-author and Project 10 East founder on GLBT students, classroom democracy, and creating change (3/18/02)