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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Victoria Steinberg Law clerk and legal activist, on the 'trans panic' defense and strategies for eliminating it (9/2/06)
Gwen Smith Trans activist and founder of the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, on the final sentencing of three of the four perpetrators of the murder of Gwen Araujo. (1/28/06)
Alexander Rasmussen 19-year-old transman, on being beaten up for the simple fact of being (12/3/05)
Transgender Day of Remembrance Nancy Nangeroni & Ethan St. Pierre discuss the origins of the observance and current day realities (11/19/05)
Gwen Smith Founder of the Remembering Our Dead website and the Transgender Day of Remembrance, on the recent outcome of the second Gwen Araujo murder trial (9/17/05)
Gwendolyn Anne Smith Talks about the founding of the Transgender Day of Remembrance and specific murders of transpersons (1/10/05)
Nancy Nangeroni &
Ethan St. Pierre
On the International Transgender Day of Remembrance - how it came about and their personal involvement (11/15/04)
Emily Pitt Violence recovery program coordinator, on hate crime legislation and the victimization of LGBT persons (6/21/04)
Gwen Smith San Francisco transactivist who created the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, on violence against transgender persons (10/27/03)
Shelly Prevost Independent film maker and video activist, on the aftermath of Gwen Araujo’s murder and her short film Isn’t It Obvious (8/11/03)
Gwendolyn Smith On the 4th National Transgender Day of Remembrance and the recent Bay Area murder of trans teen Gwen Araujo (10/21/02)
Dan Merkan About murdered transactivist Terrianne Summers, including her youth mentoring and other activism (12/17/01)
Jessica Archer The circumstances of the murder of Terrianne Summers, and what is being done about it (12/17/01)
Kathleen & Diana Hester Mother and sister of murdered TS Rita Hester, on their loss and what TG Day of Remembrance means to them (11/26/01)
Ethan St. Pierre Transman whose aunt Debra Forte was murdered in 1995, shares some of his personal experience (11/26/01)
Kathleen & Diana Hester On the murder of Rita Hester (11/27/00)
Gwen Smith On the Day of Remembrance events (11/27/00)
Diane Courvant &
Emi Koyama
"The Survivor Project", helping trans & intersex survivors of domestic violence (6/12/00)
Calpurnia Adams On the murder of her boyfriend, private Barry Winchell. (5/15/00)
Shirley Bushnell,
Nancy Wilson,
Daviko Marcel &

[name removed by request]
Trans bashings in Los Angeles, race, gender, and police behavior (8/9/99)
Kathy St. Pierre Niece of murdered transsexual Debbie Forte, on law enforcement insensitivity (5/31/99)
Sarah DePalma Host of TG talk radio in Houston, on Texas state lobbying effort and murder of transperson Donald Fuller/Lauryn Paige in Austin (1/20/99)
Special Report On the community and media response to the murder of transwoman Rita Hester (12/9/98)
Kathleen, Diana & Darryl Hester Family of murdered transwoman Rita Hester, on the loss of their loved one (12/2/98)
Dana Priesing On the court proceedings in the Tyra Hunter wrongful death suit (11/25/98)
Danielle Danielle describes an incident at Mass. General Hospital where she was beaten by a group of security guards (6/25/97)
TG Hate Crimes Two victims describe the hate crimes perpetrated against them (5/14/97)
Friends & Family of Chanelle Pickett Reaction to the acquital of the defendant in the Channelle Pickett murder trial (5/7/97)