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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Lauren & Genita McGonagle Lauren's transition and unusual work situation, and on their long-term relationship (5/24/04)
GenderTalk Forum Ethan, Hal, Gordene & Nancy join in an open discussion of their personal gender identity issues (4/19/04)
Marc Bonagura Professor of English and writer who, though he feels transgendered, does not fit into any of the well-publicized transgender categories (1/26/04)
Ray Rivas An outspoken trans person with strong ideas about transgenderism, activism, beauty and more (2/10/03)
Holly Boswell Transgenderist and longtime advocate for non-surgical transition alternatives, on transgender bodies and related issues (1/13/03)
Genderqueers Roundtable discussion on radical personal gender, with Gunner from ButchDykeBoy, Cole Thaler, Kurt, and Dan. (2/25/02)
Virginia Stephenson Transperson and activist, on the progress and results of her transition to living as a woman (11/19/01)
Carl Tripp Transman and community organizer on the process of moving into one's true gender (10/15/01)
Viriginia Stephenson Transactivist and proud single trans parent, on trans issues, politics, and her transition at work (7/30/01)
Debra Johnson Writer and transactivist talks about autogynephilia (7/9/01)
Veronica Vera Boys who want to be girls (11/6/00)
Jennifer Peterson Transsexual Halloween (10/30/00)
Kerwin Kay Male Lust: Pleasure, Power and Transformation (9/18/00)
Steven Hill How stereotypes propagate gender enslavement (9/18/00)
Patrick Horrigan Growing up Gay with television (8/7/00)
Harriet Woods The challenges faced by powerful women in politics (5/29/00)
Alison Phipps "Butch" identity in regard to TG and FTMs (5/22/00)
Gwendolyn Mink The Political Betrayal of Sexually Harassed Women (4/17/00)
Steve Hocker &
Naomi Barbee
Issues facing transpersons of color (3/20/00)