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Vanessa Edward Foster's Hurricane Rita Blog
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Entry 2
September 22, 2005 5:02:24 AM EDT
My Hurricane Rita Blog, Thurs. 9/22, 4 AM

Well, I wasn't expecting to have an overnight log in this ... but here I am. 3:30 in the morning and I couldn't get back to sleep. I typically don't sleep all that well due to just general anxiety over the state of the world, state of my finances, the state of my future and all of our futures etc. Now I get to add the state of my home and my well-being. I'm not really fearing for my life -- certainly not yet. But the adrenalin is starting to flow.

Just looked at the site ... winds haven't picked up, still 175. Unfortunately, this damn storm is taking a more northerly turn -- wouldn't you know it! Damn Murphy and his freakin' laws! Tried calling Morwen a few times yesterday to no avail. Her and Betty and a couple other girls fled New Orleans together, and they'd been out looking for an apartment. Now I'm wondering what's going through their minds? Courtney Sharp too ... gotta give her a call in the morning. They really must be thinking they're snakebit! I thought Houston would be a good safe place for everyone. Now they're evacuating evacuees.

This storm bears some watching, but I'm hoping it'll do like Hurricanes Allen & Gilberto and lose punch. Even Katrina lost a little of its punch before hitting. What a week this has turned out to be.

Oh well ... maybe I'll go put on an album, try and get my mind off of this. In the mood for some R.E.O. / Ridin' The Storm Out. Appropriate for Friday. Hell, that's tomorrow ... time sure has passed quickly.

Gotta make sure I call my friends tomorrow and see if they need a place to stay. Invite them over to hang with me and Kristin and her kitty and my kitties. Also need to see if Ethan knows the whereabouts of the homeless trans person from New Orleans that I was supposed to get money to. Haven't heard back yet. Tomorrow may be a bit late though. Hope Senaya (sp?) finds a safe place to hunker down.

I need to buy a digital camera today ... get some pictures of before. Hopefully they'll closely match the after, though it's not looking good -- esp. with the storm moving closer to us.

Ness ....