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Vanessa Edward Foster's Hurricane Rita Blog
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Entry 3
September 22, 2005 10:36:10 AM EDT
My Hurricane Rita Blog: Thurs 9/22 9AM

Well, a new morning, better news. The storms projected path puts us on the better side of the storm, though still within the eyewall. At least the storm surge issues and the worst winds won't be foremost on our minds. At least not as it appears now.

A little better news ... the barometric went up to 907 -- still intense, about the same strength as Katrina at its worst (908), but still better than things were looking last night. Winds went down to 170 as well. Of course now it's daylight and the heating again, so we can't crow about it yet. But like Allen & Gilberto, this could end up being just a run of the mill storm, which is good.

Gas is an elusive prospect right now. Tried driving around looking for some after posting my last entry. No gas ... just lots of folks parked in front of gas pumps waiting like concert-goers at the ticket counter for some prime Rolling Stones tickets. The prospect of just sitting in front of a gas station for an undetermined amount of time didn't thrill me, so I just came back without. I'm close to a full tank, just wanted to top off before the post-storm gouging takes place. It's already taken hold with some stations charging .20 more than a similar station down the street a mile or so. But just in case this thing hits hard and kills power for some time, I'm not relishing sitting in gas lines for hours, watching grown men and women getting into fistfights. I only heard about that from Celia -- didn't see it. But I saw folks fighting over dirty ice chips melting on the ground, so it's quite plausible they'd fight over gas too. Civilization breakdowns aren't pretty, as we just saw a few weeks ago.

Well, I'm gonna make a run to see if I can find gas one last time. And get some of my stuff done today. Back to report later ....

Ness ....