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Vanessa Edward Foster's Hurricane Rita Blog
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Entry 5
September 22, 2005 11:35:09 PM EDT
My Hurricane Rita Blog: Thurs 9/22 10PM

Mother nature refuses to be predictable. Last entry, we'd had all these models noting a landfall further east as it was moving more northerly than before. Well, after that, the storm decided to defy being pigeon-holed, and has since moved due west for the last three hours. They still expect it to eventually make a more northerly turn, but it's now moved the model projections back down towards Galveston Bay. And if it continues more westward, we could end up with the dirty side of the storm after all. So much for thinking I'd lucked out!

This of course would be better news (though not good news) for the folks out of gas and stranded in Beaumont. For Houston, not so good. Even worse, the high pressure is doing some weird splitting which could stall the system right over SE Texas. Shades of Tropical Storm Alison all over again! That's all we need is another 40 in. rainfall.

It also looks like I may get Kristin over here after all. She called, a bit concerned, after watching the track (she was watching it closer than I). This puts her back in storm surge's way.

Mom's getting a bit worried over my middle sister, Dovie. She's gonna ride out the storm in her apartment by herself. I think this storm's given her excuse to fall off the wagon again. So now Mom's got excuse to get snockered herself. This will be a lively household, esp. not knowing how Kristin's cat will get along with my mom's cat, and mom in her mood. And of course, stress over the impending possible flood. I can already hear strains of her country music coming from her boombox downstairs -- damn. "Hang on to your hats, boys ... we're in for a bumpy ride."

Ness ....