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by Evelyn Green
Today I heard a poem
I heard December 29th 2003 
On April 23, 2005.
I took a look
Into the past
And found 
The thin line.
I found
Holding smashed things.

I found
Not faith
Junky jones
and the Blessed damn.

I found inspiration
While I was in
My writey mood
My wrongy snooze
From the real issues
From the fake misuse
Of pronouns.

I've always wondered
Why I'm so intrigued
With misused pronouns.

I've always thought
It was wrong
For a 
To care about the misuse
Of pronouns.

But now I know I can
Do something
Say something
Write something
If nothing else. 

I can write the wrong.
I can thin the line.
I can smash when I hold.
And remold after I smash.
I can faith and knot.
I can junk the jones.
And bless the damned.

I can love.