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GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Janice Irvine Author of Disorders of Desire: Sexuality and Gender in Modern American Sexology, on problems with the practice of sexology (9/10/05)
Mary Marcel Author of "Freud's Traumatic Memory: Reclaiming Seduction Theory and Revisiting Oedipus", on how the work of one of the most influential psychologists of all time was distorted by the trauma of his own life (3/26/05)
Aliza Shapiro Boston-area genderqueer event producer, on queer pornography: can it be liberating, or is it just the same old objectification of one another's bodies? (3/15/04)
Ethan St. Pierre &
Karen Martin
Transgender activists, internet talk hosts and committed partners, on their relationship, which happens to be between two trans persons (1/12/04)
Renee Simousek Male to female transsexual, on how her relationship with her wife changed when Renee transitioned (12/8/03)
Ellen Bass Poet, therapist and co-author of "The Courage to Heal," a lifeline for many survivors of child sexual abuse, on her newest work, a book of poems called "Mules of Love" (10/20/03)
Dr. Terry Tafoya American Indian researcher and faculty member at the Kinsey Insititute, on his work there and on a new study on the health and wholeness of native two spirit communities (12/16/02)
T Cooper Performer and author of "Some of the Parts" a novel that redefines the concept of what constitutes a family (9/30/02)
Pamela Madison Sex educator and pioneer explores some specific sexual issues relating to gender (3/4/02)
Zantui Rose &
Viriginia Stephenson
Roundtable on MTF trans sexuality, with two gender spiritualists (8/6/01)
Pamela Madison Women's Sexuality Center director, on better sex thru spirituality (3/12/01)
Patrick Califia Re-thinking radical sex from an FTM perspective (7/31/00)