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Ethan St. Pierre & Karen Martin, transgender activists, internet talk hosts and committed partners, on their relationship, which happens to be between two trans persons

"When things are good, it's great, but don't give up because you hit a rough spot."

- Ethan St. Pierre & Karen Martin

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
  • Fetus as opportunistic organism
  • Mitt, Arnold, and budgets
  • Being on "TransFM"
8:30 Special topic: Bush's Lies Exposed?
Excerpts from the "60 Minutes" Lesley Stahl interview with Paul O'Neill

Nancy goes on to pick a bone with Bush...

View CBS program transcript (or video) here

22:10 Question of the Week

"I was wondering as to the how and whys of you doing a show on the subject of giving back to the Transsexual community versus turning your back or distancing oneself from it to try to get on with your "new" life and just trying to blend in? I just think that it is an interesting topic as there are several good sites out there that sort of send the message that it is an important step to maybe "disconnect" or even relocate as to future assimilate better into your new role ?"
(From: TG Spirit)

33:08 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • Topeka, KS: Fred Phelps denied
  • Boston, MA: Anti gay marriage group admits misquoted poll
  • Rockdale, TX: 15-year-old trans MTF commits suicide
  • New York: State declares "queer" indecent and degrading
  • Burleson, TX: Don't sell vibrators for stimulation
  • Cambridge, MA: Robber foiled by unpopularity
46:58 Boston area (and national) announcements
49:50 Special Message
50:48 Some people wonder how two men or two women are able to work things out, but what about when two transpersons get into a relationship together? Is there any real joy in mudville? Ethan St. Pierre & Karen Martin, trans activists and co-hosts of TransFM, talk about their relationship from a variety of angles. In an extended conversation with Nancy, Gordene and Hal, they discuss the advantages of being transpartnered, mapping new body contours, the benefits of monogamy, what it takes to make it work, and beyond.

Ethan is the Lobby Vice-Chair of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, liason between board and membership, and founder and host of TransFM. His partner Karen is a trans activist and hostess of transFM.

For more information:

88:02 End
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