2002 Programs

Program Length: ~90 minutes

  • GenderTalk 392: (12/30/02):
    Thea Hillman, acclaimed poet and intersex activist, on her poetry, intersexuality, and activism
    Malka Drucker, author of “White Fire: A Portrait of Women Spiritual Leaders in America” on the roles of women in traditional and non-traditional religion.
  • GenderTalk 391: (12/23/02):
    Cristan Williams, co-founder of CATS Houston transitional living facility for transpersons, on who and what they are, and the help they need in order to survive
    Geeta Citygirl, actor, writer, performer, and director of the South Asian League of Artists in America, on her work and activism challenging ideals of female beauty
  • GenderTalk 390: (12/16/02):
    Clare McNab, of the trans activist group Press For Change, on forthcoming legislation in England that will change the way transsexuals are regarded in that country
    Terry Tafoya, American Indian researcher and faculty member at the Kinsey Insititute, on his work there and on a new study on the health and wholeness of native two spirit communities
  • GenderTalk 389: (12/9/02):
    Arline Isaacson, co-chair of the Massachusetts Lesbian & Gay Political Caucus, on their legislative agenda for 2003, and recent gay marriage news
    Rhonda Factor, a doctoral candidate whose dissertation work is breaking new ground in studying gender diversity
  • GenderTalk 388: (12/2/02):
    Bob La Trémouile, environmental activist, on the plot to eradicate the flock of wild geese which make their home in the city of Cambridge
    Moonanum James, Native American activist, on the real origins of “Thanksgiving Day” and the ongoing struggle against oppression and genocide.
  • GenderTalk 387: (11/25/02):
    Melissa Hart, author of a book about her experience as a child taken from her loving mother by a court of law solely because her mother is lesbian
    Barbra Casbar a male-to-female trans person who recently lost her loving wife, but has found new life on her own through transgender activism
  • GenderTalk 386: (11/18/02): WMBR Fundraising Special
    Charles Anders, author of “The Lazy Crossdresser”, and Annalee Newitz, columnist and author, on gender bending, crossdressing, and their partnership
  • GenderTalk 385: (11/11/02):
    Kari Edwards, award-winning transgender poet and artist, on her art and activism
    Alejandro Marcel, trans healthcare consultant, on the groundbreaking national survey on attitudes towards transgenderism, and the recent “Creating Change” conference
  • GenderTalk 384: (11/4/02):
    Steven Seidman, professor of sociology, about leaving the closet behind on a community scale, and the resulting life transformation
    Alejandro Marcel, trans healthcare consultant, on trans healthcare and where it’s headed
  • GenderTalk 383: (10/28/02):
    Cole Thaler, trans activist, on Boston’s new anti-discrimination ordinance that protects freedom of gender identity and expression
    Veronica Vera, dean of the academy for boys who want to be girls, on how to cross-dress with success
  • GenderTalk 382: (10/21/02):
    Lundy Bancroft, world-renowned authority on domestic violence, takes us inside the minds of angry and controlling men
    Gwendolyn Smith, on the 4th National Transgender Day of Remembrance and the recent Bay Area murder of trans teen Gwen Araujo
  • GenderTalk 381: (10/14/02):
    Annalyssa Gypsy Murphy, Cherokee/Blackfoot Native American college teacher, on anti-indigenous racism, including team mascots, Columbus Day and the fogotten histories of women of color
    Matt Brieding, author of a new study on how (non-GID) male gender role conflict affects wive’s marital adjustment
  • GenderTalk 380: (10/7/02):
    Ellen Cooney, novelist and professor of creative writing, on her scripting of lesbian characters
    Wayne Beyer & Scott Kerlin, doctor and researcher, on the impact of DES exposure on male offspring
  • GenderTalk 379: (9/30/02):
    Renate Stendhal, psychological counselor and author, on the role of truth as an aphrodisiac in monogamous relationships
    T Cooper, performer and author of “Some of the Parts” a novel that redefines the concept of what constitutes a family
  • GenderTalk 378: (9/23/02):
    Kristin Donnan, co-author of “Rex Appeal: The Amazing Story of Sue the Dinosaur that changed Science, the Law, and my Life” reveals some amazing new gender implications
    Gilda Bruckman, co-founder of New Words women’s bookstore, on their evolution for survival
  • GenderTalk 377: (9/16/02):
    Alexandria Tucker tells her nightmarish tale of being assaulted, then arrested and incarcerated for two years when she is falsely accused of perpetrating the assault
    Jake Rich, popular radio disk jockey and emerging transman, on changing his name
  • GenderTalk 376: (9/9/02): Special Extended Conversation:
    Susan Stryker, researcher, writer, queer historian, artist, and executive director of the bay area-based GLBT Historical Society of Northern California, on bay area GLBT (heavy on the trans) history.
  • GenderTalk 375: (9/2/02):
    Dréd Gerestant, performance artist, on her innovative onstage gender shape-shifting
    David Schneer & Karen Aviv on being Jewish and queer, as discussed their new anthology, “Queer Jews”
  • GenderTalk 374: (8/26/02):
    Riki Anne Wilchins, executive director of the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GenderPAC), on “Genderqueer: Voices From Beyond the Sexual Binary”
    Fred Pheil, educator and activist, on images of men in the media, and their effect on the men among us
  • GenderTalk 373: (8/19/02):
    Janet Barger, a former professor at the University of Texas, tells the story of her firing because of her gender transition
    Cat Grant & Boyd Kodak, trans video artists and producers of “Counting Past 2,” Totonto’s trans film festival
  • GenderTalk 372: (8/12/02): Special Extended Conversation:
    Yvonne Cook-Riley, longtime transactivist, spiritualist, visionary and founding Director of Operations of the International Foundation for Gender Education
  • GenderTalk 371: (8/5/02):
    Harry Brod, professor of philosophy and humanities, on masculinity, diversity, and the profeminist men’s movement
    Ashley Moore, musician and director of “Transcendance,” the world’s first transgendered gospel choir
  • GenderTalk 370: (7/29/02):
    Judith Kegan Gardiner on masculinity studies, feminist theory, and the sometimes uneasy relationship between the two
    Gretchen Hamm, “Mother of A Bride”, on supporting gay and lesbian marriage – including that of her daughter
  • GenderTalk 369: (7/22/02):
    Cheryl Chase, founder and director of the Intersex Society of North America, on intersex activism and policy, and her impending resignation as the organization’s director
    Arline Isaacson, lead lobbyist on the recently successful effort to defeat the Massachusetts anti-gay marriage initiative petition, on gay and lesbian marriage in Massachusetts
  • GenderTalk 368: (7/15/02):
    Tanya Brannan on the first ever successful lawsuit against a police department for their failure to provide protection for a woman against domestic violence
    Gina Kamentsky, creator of “T-Gina,” a comic strip about a transsexual woman — and life in general
  • GenderTalk 367: (7/8/02):
    Georgie Jessup, musician extraordinaire, on music, spirituality, two-spirit tradition and transgenderism
    Virginia Stephenson on transgenderism in employment, as she faces the impending loss of her job following her gender change
  • GenderTalk 366: (7/1/02):
    Jewels Cameron Wolf, transgendered first grade teacher, on difficulties she is encountering on the job despite excellent evaluations
    Robin Phillips, trans person, activist & small business owner, on her post-transition life and activism
  • GenderTalk 365: (6/24/02):
    Chris Howey, the transsexual father of Noelle Howey, whose book revealed both his unflattering past and the daughter’s newfound love for her father as a woman
    Marquetta Peltier, daughter of Leonard Peltier, and Dennis Moynihan, local coordinator for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, on where things stand for the man scapegoated for the killing of two FBI agents
  • GenderTalk 364: (6/17/02):
    Mike Prokosch and Eunice Cho, editors of the “Global Activist Manual: Local Ways to Change the World”
    Noelle Howey on losing the dad she didn’t like, and gaining the transsexual father she loves.
  • GenderTalk 363: (6/10/02):
    Mara Keisling and Kathy Padilla, transactivists who helped pass 3 trans-protective ordinances in Pennsylvania jurisdictions so far this year.
    Imani Henry, female-to-male writer, activist and performer whose powerful new play chronicles struggles around gender issues.
  • GenderTalk 362: (6/3/02):
    Magdalen Hsu-Li, spiritualist and award-winning artist-turned-musician, on her music that aims to stretch the boundaries of our consciousness
    Cynthia BrianKate, an electronic activist from Long Island who helped blow the whistle on transphobic practices at Microsoft and Yahoo
  • GenderTalk 361: (5/27/02): Pam Goldstein, longtime listener and generous contributor to WMBR, interviews the GenderTalk crew
    bell hooks, leading international feminist thinker, prolific author, and anti-racism, anti-patriarchy activist, on love, gender, and transgenderism
  • GenderTalk 360: (5/20/02): Special extended interview
    Allan G. Johnson, sociologist and author of “The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy,” on gender, privilege, and power
  • GenderTalk 359: (5/13/02):
    Esther Morris, on the response to her “Missing Vagina Monologue” activism from Eve Ensler and the MRKH intersexual community
    Charlie Fernandez, program officer with the Colin Higgins Foundation, on those who have shown the utmost grace and courage in the face of overwhelming hostility and hate
  • GenderTalk 358: (5/6/02):
    Simon Aronoff of Fenton Communications, on improving the communications abilities of activist organizations
    Letta Neely, lesbian activist slam poet, author of two books and a new play entitled “Hamartia Blues”
  • GenderTalk 357: (4/29/02):
    Joelle Legassé of TGirl Magazine, a web mag out of Toronto
    Carol Gilligan, world-renowned feminist academic and respected psychologist, on creating loving relationships
  • GenderTalk 356: (4/22/02):
    Riki Anne Wilchins, founder and executive director of GenderPAC, on gender profiling and the 2nd National Conference on Gender
    Murray Hill, popular NYC drag performer
    Freddie Fagula, co-director of a documentary on the radical nature of drag
  • GenderTalk 355: (4/15/02):
    Sabrina Marcus, Southern Comfort Conference organizer, on planning the first-ever Gender March On Washington
    Denise LeClair, IFGE General Manager, on the future role of the International Foundation for Gender Education
  • GenderTalk 354: (4/8/02):
    Dean Spade, FTM transsexual lawyer arrested for trying to use a men’s restroom in New York City’s Grand Central Station
    Yosenio Lewis, board chair of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition
    Andrew Matzner, author of a book about Hawaii’s Mahu and Transgender Communities
  • GenderTalk 353: (4/1/02):
    Raven Kaldera, trans & intersex activist, author of “Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook” and co-organizer of the annual trans spirituality gathering called “The Crucible”
    Jane Margolis, social scientist and co-author of “Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing,” on the role of women in the world of computer technology.
  • GenderTalk 352: (3/25/02):
    Karen Doering & Shannon Minter, Lead counsels in the groundbreaking Florida transsexual custody case, tell the inside story
    Alexandra Halkin, independent documentary producer and founder of the Chiapas Media Project, on empowering embattled people to tell their own story
  • GenderTalk 351: (3/18/02):
    Jennifer Middleton, staff attorney with Lambda Legal, on the Kansas Supreme Court ruling that J’Noel Gardiner ‘is a man’
    Eileen de los Reyes, co-author of “Pockets of Hope,” & Al Ferreira, Project 10 East founder and director, on GLBT students, classroom democracy, and creating change
    David Barsamian, author and host of “Alternative Radio”, on “The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting”
  • GenderTalk 350: (3/11/02):
    Carolyn Wagner, co-founder of Families United Against Hate and national vice president of PFLAG, on fighting hate
    Charles Anders, author of “The Lazy Crossdresser,” on ‘lazy’ ways to be a male connoisseur of women’s clothing
  • GenderTalk 349: (3/4/02):
    Eloise Klein Healy, award-winning lesbian poet, speaks candidly and wisely about her lifelong relationship with poetry
    Pamela Madison, sex educator and pioneer, explores some specific sexual issues relating to gender
  • GenderTalk 348: (2/25/02): Special Roundtable Discussion: Genderqueers
    Venturing into some lesser-charted territory, a group of explorers share with us the mappings of their radical personal gender. Guests include Gunner from ButchDykeBoy, as well as Cole Thaler, Kurt, and Dan.
  • GenderTalk 347: (2/18/02):
    Pagan Kennedy, author of “Black Livingstone: A True Tale of Adventure in Nineteenth Century Congo,” the true story of early black American missionary to Africa William Sheppard
  • GenderTalk 346: (2/11/02):
    Courtney Sharp, longtime New Orleans transactivist, on the ongoing struggle against Winn-Dixie’s firing of crossdresser Peter Oiler
    Holly Boswell and Zantui Rose on Trans spirituality and their spiritual retreat center, the BodhiTree House
  • GenderTalk 345: (2/4/02):
    Victoria Muñoz, psychology professor, on her study of female to male transsexuals & how sexual orientation relates to gender
    Jim Gladstone, author of a novel about the complexities of growing up gay and developing a gay identity
  • GenderTalk 344: (1/28/02):
    Michael Wilke, director of the Commercial Closet, on GLBT depictions on television and in print commercial ads
    Mimi Angelica, the ‘out’ crossdresser who answered the call for help on September 11th
  • GenderTalk 343: (1/21/02):
    Tim Bergling, on the phenomenon which he discusses in his groundbreaking new book, “Sissyphobia.” (1/21/02)