Jun 2012: Boston Area Trans History – compiled by MTPC and the Trans Equal Rights Coalition

Feb 2004: GenderTalk Announces “LammyLit Memorial” Award …in response to Lambda Literary Foundation’s nomination of Bailey’s diatribe for an award – GenderTalk

Nov 2003: Herland …revisiting Charlotte Perkins Gilman – by Nancy Nangeroni

Mar 2002: Fear and Punishment: No Room For Compassion? …on convicted murderer Michelle Kosilek’s request for GID treatment – by Nancy Nangeroni

Jun 2002: Loving Beyond Our Body’s Borders: Gender Diversity and Peace …reprinted from “The Burning Bush, Feminist News & Commentary for New Mexico” – by Gordene O. MacKenzie

Apr 2002: Atlantic Monthly on Crossdressers: Glib Caricature …Open Letter to the Atlantic Monthly – by Nancy Nangeroni

Feb 1999: Advocating for Gender Identity …crafting good trans-protective legislation – by Nancy Nangeroni

Mar 1999: Does Equality Begin at Home? …speech from the Massachusetts EBAH rally – by Nancy Nangeroni

Dec 1998: Media Hurt by Ignorance…address to rally outside Bay Windows offices – by Nancy Nangeroni

Sept 1998: Ethics and Transgender Care …can we avoid further victimization? – by Nancy Nangeroni

June 1998: Pride ’98 …speech at Boston’s Pride Celebration – by Nancy Nangeroni

Mar 1997: How to Handle Transgender Students …a common sense mini-guide for teachers – by Nancy Nangeroni

Nov 1997: The Virtual Movement …when the rules change, it pays to notice – by Nancy Nangeroni

May 1997: The Chanelle Pickett Story – by Nancy Nangeroni

Dec 1996: Body Alchemy: Transsexual Portraits, Photography by Loren Cameron …a review – by Nancy Nangeroni

Nov 1996: Gender Identity Disorder: What To Do? …can we eliminate GID without decreasing TS health care access? – by Nancy Nangeroni

Feb 1995: SRS Tomorrow: The Physical Continuum …my Body, My Genitals, My Choice – by Nancy Nangeroni

Jun 1995: Pride …am I Really Proud? – by Nancy Nangeroni

Mar 1995: The Sucking Sound of Secrets …a look at Janice Raymond’s “Transsexual Empire” – by Nancy Nangeroni