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“The complete listing of all subversive actions against gender oppression around the US, along with occasional instructions on how to roll your own.”

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Spring 1995 – October 1997

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Another TS Murder in Boston Area Tragedy strikes Boston’s TG community again 
GenderTalk, 11/95
Activists Respond to TS Murders in Boston Boston’s queer community rallys together 
GenderTalk, 12/95
Cambridge HRC Endorses Gender Protection
Human Rights Commission paves way for passage

GenderTalk, 9/96
Transexual Menace Demonstrate at Forte Murder Trial Killer Pleads Guilty, Gets Life
In Your Face, 9/96
“Hermaphrodites With Attitude” Demonstrate in Boston Intersexed activists decry American Genital Mutilation at pediatrics convention
In Your Face, 10/96
Protesters Meet With APA
Doctors Dialogue with Transexual Menace

In Your Face, 10/96
Burlington Rallies for Cross-Dressing Teen
Transexual Menace leads show of support for high school sophomore

In Your Face, 10/96
Activists Leaflet Accused L.I. Prisoner Rapist
Transexual Menace demos on behalf of gay prisoner

In Your Face, 10/96
NGLTF Issues Historic Statement Calls for Gender Disorder Reform
In Your Face, 12/96
Activists demo for murdered TS Chanelle Pickett Action draws strong media coverage
GenderTalk, 2/97
TRANS-ACTIONS News Shorts, March ’97
Jury Acquits Apparent Murderer of Chanelle Pickett Twin Sister, Activists Outraged
Reprinted from The Boston Globe, 5/97
Samoan Drag Queens Heralded Straight news story lauds queen’s reputation for excellence
GenderTalk, 7/97