1999 Programs

Program Length: ~90 minutes

  • GenderTalk 238: (12/27/99):
    Jeniffer Levi, staff attorney for Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), on the Vermont high court ruling on gay couples
    Dallas Denny, transsexual writer, activist, and new editor of Transgender Tapestry magazine
  • GenderTalk 237: (12/20/99):
    Felice Newman, Publisher of Cleiss Press, author of “The Whole Lesbian Sex Book”
    Deirdre McCloskey, noted transsexual economist, writer and historian
  • GenderTalk 236: (12/13/99):
    Jean Kilbourne, internationally recognized, award-winning critic of images of women in advertising
    Jason Cromwell, author of “Transmen and FTMs: Identites, Bodies, Genders and Desires”
  • GenderTalk 235: (12/6/99):
    Dana Rivers, trannsexual teacher forced out of her job in California
    Paul Lisicky, author of the popular new novel “Lawnboy,” about the adventures of a young gay man
  • GenderTalk 234: (11/29/99):
    Gay Novelist R. D. Zimmerman, on writing gay mysteries and coming out of the closet
    Joel Shumacher, director, writer and producer of MGM’s “Flawless,” a movie in which Robert DeNiro befriends a trans person
  • GenderTalk 233: (11/22/99):
    Linda Hogan, Award-winning Chickasaw poet and novelist, author of pulitzer-nominated “Mean Spirit”
    Betsy Leondar-Wright of “United for a Fair Economy” on upcoming demonstrations against the World Trade Organization
  • GenderTalk 232: (11/15/99):
    Mark Doty, award-winning queer poet and author, on growing up as a sissy
    Riki Anne Wilchins, author of “Read My Lips” and GenderPAC founder, on transactivism
  • GenderTalk 231: (11/8/99):
    Cheryl Garrity, President of the Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization of Women, MassNOW, on feminist issues.
    Carolyn Latteier, award winning journalist, author of “Breasts: The Women’s Perspective on an American Obsession”
  • GenderTalk 230: (11/1/99):
    Katrina Rose, trans activist & lawyer, on the recent Texas court ruling about transsexual identity
    Georgie Jessup, trans singer/songwriter, on music and indigenous peoples
  • GenderTalk 229: (10/25/99):
    Kimberly Pierce, writer and director of the hot new Fox movie about Brandon Teena, “Boys Don’t Cry”
    Dorothy Allison, widely acclaimed lesbian feminist activist and writer, author of “Cavedweller” and the bestseller, “Bastard Out of Carolina”
  • GenderTalk 228: (10/18/99):
    Ed Stein, author of “The Mismeasure of Desire: The Science, Theory, and Ethics of Sexual Orientation”
    Transgendered butch lesbian (and radio DJ) Deb Rich on non-transitioning and her relationship with transgenderism
  • GenderTalk 227: (10/11/99):
    Kevin Cahoon, lead actor in Boston’s “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”
    Widely acclaimed poet and novelist Sapphire, on her writing and activism
    Activist organizer Ted Glick on indigenous peoples and the brutal wrongs misremembered by “Columbus Day”
  • GenderTalk 226: (10/4/99):
    Miqqi Gilbert, Professor of Philosophy & lifelong crossdresser on trans academic colloquium
    Mirha Soleil-Ross, transssexual cultural activist, on the upcoming Toronto TS art fest
    Pam Geddes, coordinator, on the upcoming Silver Jubilee Fantasia Fair transgender week
  • GenderTalk 225: (9/27/99):
    Robin Goldstein, radio talk-show host, a man who used to be a woman, and before that, a man
    Daviko Marcel & [name removed by request], activists with Boston’s Transgender Education Network, on a tuberculosis outbreak that threatens transgender people
  • GenderTalk 224: (9/20/99):
    Judith Stelboum, editor of “The Lesbian Polyamory Reader,” on polyamory issues
    Debra Davis, TS activist, radio host & high-school librarian, on the legal attack against her right to use the ladies’ bathroom
    Marsha Botzer, director of the Ingersoll Gender Center, on the new Seattle Ordinance protecting “Gender Identity”
  • GenderTalk 223: (9/13/99):
    Parris Patton, Director/Producer of a movie about a transgender woman
    Staci Hanes, author of “The Survivor’s Guide to Sex: How to Have an Empowered Sex Life After Child Sexual Abuse”
  • GenderTalk 222: (9/6/99):
    Alice Dreger, editor of “Intersex in the Age of Ethics”
    Paul Kivvel, author of “Boys Will Be Men: Raising our Sons for Courage, Caring, and Community”
    Mary Bedler-Gerran, director of the play “Before I Disappear,” the Alexandra Billings life story
  • GenderTalk 221: (8/30/99):
    Dawn Wilson and Dan Farrell, Kentucky activists, on the Louisville anti-discrimination legislation effort
    Thomas Coleman, director of the American Association for Single People, on the discrimination practiced against people who are not married
    Walter Schubert, head of the Gay Financial Network, a web-based financial resource for “all queer people.”
  • GenderTalk 220: (8/23/99):
    Lesbian Avengers report on Camp Trans
    Minnie Bruce Pratt, poet, activist, and author of “Walking Back Up Depot Street”
    Miranda Stevens-Miller, leading Illinois-area transactivist
  • GenderTalk 219: (8/16/99):
    Kerry Lobel, NGLTF executive director, on GLBT inclusion politics, HRC, and trans issues.
    Michael Kimmel, author of “Manhood in America: A Cultural History,” on manhood and sexism
  • GenderTalk 218: (8/9/99):
    Kate Bornstein & Barbara Carellas, on gender, sexuality, sexual pleasure, and transgenderism.
    Shirley Bushnell, Nancy Wilson, Daviko Marcel & [name removed by request], on the recent trans bashings in Los Angeles, race, gender, and police behavior.
  • GenderTalk 217: (8/2/99):
    Mikaya Heart, author of “When the Earth Moves: Women and Orgasm,” on women’s sexuality
    Holly Boswell, founder of the Kindred Spirits transgender retreat center, on trans spiritual heritage
  • GenderTalk 216: (7/26/99):
    Jane Caputi, radical feminist, author and professor of women’s studies and communication, on women and society
    Bruce Bagemihl, biologist and author of “Biological Exuberance”, a definitive examination of gender diversity in the animal kingdom
  • GenderTalk 215: (7/19/99):
    Kate More, UK transsexual activist and academic, on trans prisoner abuses, HIV, and gender theorists
    Joan Goodnight, southern Californian crossdresser and community organizer
  • GenderTalk 214: (7/12/99):
    Virginia Casper, author of “Gay Parents / Straight Schools”, on the gendering of children
    Cynthia & Linda Phillips, married for over 40 years, on crossdressing, crossliving, partnership and more
  • GenderTalk 213: (7/5/99):
    Laurie Auffant, on her experience as a bearded lesbian Unitarian Universalist minister
    Jennifer Wilhelmi , transsexual high school performing arts teacher, on her experience transitioning on the job
  • GenderTalk 212: (6/28/99):
    Randi Ettner, author of “Gender Loving Care, A Guide to Counseling Gender-Variant Clients”
    Partners Jonel Peterson and Winnie Wilkinson on crossdressing and their partnership
    Canadian drummer Michelle Josef on her challenge to provincial legislation & elimination of SRS coverage
  • GenderTalk 211: (6/21/99):
    US Representative Barney Frank on transgender protections and politics
    Jackson Katz, producer of “Tough Guise” video, on masculinity and stopping violence against women
  • GenderTalk 210: (6/14/99):
    Chris Markowski, executive director of Project 10 East, Inc., with Sam Holland of Bedford High School
    Stacey Montgomery and Alaina of the Lesbian Avengers of Boston, on the Avengers and what happened at Pride ’99
  • GenderTalk 209: (6/7/99):
    Alaina, Lesbian Avengers of Boston, on the Avengers and past Pride events
    David Shannon, Fenway Community Health Center, on anti-GLBT violence report
    Roundtable on sexuality
  • GenderTalk 208: (5/31/99):
    Kathy St. Pierre, niece of murdered transsexual Debbie Forte, on law enforcement insensitivity
    Penni Ashe, on the Report on Transgender and Gender Variance in Massachusetts
  • GenderTalk 207 (5/24/99)
    Best of GenderTalk:

    Mildred Brown, author of “True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism”
    Betty Dodson, sex educator and author of “Sex for One”
    Holly Hughes, playwright and author of “Clit Notes”

  • GenderTalk 206: (5/17/99):
    Jennifer Levi, GLAD lawyer, on TG bank loan discrimination case
    Hida Viloria, on intersex activism, research, and the groundbreaking video “Hermaphrodites Speak”
    Ty Jalal, FTM transgender person, on GLBT Muslims
  • GenderTalk 205: (5/10/99):
    Virginia Prince, founder of the first crossdressing support group, tells her story of how it all happened
    Sut Jhally, professor of Communications and founder of the Media Education Foundation, on media literacy and gender issues
    Justin Tanis on the upcoming west coast FTM conference
  • GenderTalk 204: (5/3/99):
    Kim Mills on HRC’s “Transgenderism and Transition in the Workplace” manual
    Donna Minkowitz on her book “Ferocious Romance: What My Encounters With the Right Taught Me About Sex, God and Fury”
    Chuck Limbert, SF Police Officer, on his work with youth on Hate issues.
  • GenderTalk 203: (4/26/99):
    Allen Corben of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)
    Sharon Bridgforth, lesbian poet and author of “The Bull-Jean Stories”
    Carrie Davis, Director of Operations for GenderPAC, on Lobby Day and also the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA)
  • GenderTalk 202: (4/19/99):
    Nancy Cain, new executive director of the International Foundation for Gender Education
    Jennifer Diane Reitz, a transsexual woman over 16 years past ‘Sex Reassignment’ surgery.
  • GenderTalk 201: (4/12/99):
    Daviko Marcel, Director of Boston’s Transgender Education Network
    Tonye Barreto-Neto, FTM transsexual and Deputy Sheriff in Hillsboro County Florida
    David Steinberg, sexual issues columnist, on sexual tension within families.
  • GenderTalk 200: (4/5/99):
    Claire McNab, Vice President of Press for Change on the recent high court ruling in favor of TS empolyment
    Minnie Bruce Pratt, gender and anti-racist activist on Mumia Abu Jamal
    Nick Wood & Justice Williams, local activists organizing in support of Mumia
  • GenderTalk 199: (3/29/99):
    Barbara Smith, black lesbian feminist activist and author of “The Truth That Never Hurts: Writings on Race, Gender, and Freedom”
    Imani Henry, FTM poet and trans-activist of color
    Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues”
  • GenderTalk 198: (3/22/99):
    Chris Howey, author of a play about a person’s journey from boyhood to womanhood;
    Trinity, jazz/swing drag performer and transgender spiritualist;
    Matt Adams, author of “Hustlers, Escorts, and Porn Stars: The Insider’s Guide to Male Prostitution in America
  • GenderTalk 197: (3/15/99):
    Kimeron Hardin, author of “The Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem Book: A Guide to Loving Ourselves“;
    Phyllis Frye, founder of ICTLEP, the International Conference on Transgender Law & Employment Policy;
    Pam Johnson, interim Executive Director of MOCAA, Men Of Color Against AIDS
  • GenderTalk 196: (3/8/99):
    Lambda Literary Awards;
    Michael Bronski, longtime cultural critic and gay activist on “The Pleasure Principle“;
    Nancy Sharp, New Orleans transactivist on ENDA and PFLAG’s lobbying effort.
  • GenderTalk 195: (3/1/99) Sorry, this program will not be available due to technical difficulties (we have NO recording of the program).
  • GenderTalk 194: (2/24/99):
    Karin Pomerantz & Michelle van Overbeek, co-publishers of lesbian-oriented Turn Magazine;
    Jean-Claude van Itallie, renowned playwright and author of “The Tibetan Book of the Dead For Reading Aloud”, on Tibetan Buddhism and modern life.
  • GenderTalk 193: (2/17/99):
    Barbara Wilson, lesbian feminist writer and author of the soon-to-be-released “Salt Water”;
    Gary Bowen, on the American Boyz and the upcoming True Spirit Conference.
  • GenderTalk 192: (2/10/99) Boston-area GLBT activists Nick Wood and Justice Williams on the Mumia Abu-Jamal and why we should all be concerned about his fate; Abe Rybeck of Boston’s Theatre Offensive on their new season, including their acclaimed production of “Pure Polyesther.”
  • GenderTalk 191: (2/3/99)Matthew Link on GLBT travel in Hawaii; Jeremy Mahoney on the mission of Massachusetts’ Governor’s Task Force on Hate Crimes.
  • GenderTalk 190: (1/27/99) Dr. Lester Grinspoon of the Harvard Medical Center on beneficial aspects of marijuana use; Karen Bullock-Jordan on the OutWrite ’99 conference.
  • GenderTalk 189: (1/20/99) Spencer Bergstedt on testosterone shortage affecting Female-to-Male transgenders; Sarah DePalma on TG radio, Texas state lobbying effort, and the recent murder of a transperson in Austin.
  • GenderTalk 188: (1/13/99)Best of GenderTalk: 
    (#1, 6/14/95) Nancy Nangeroni introduces the GenderTalk program;
    (#27, 12/13/95) Hal Fuller with guests Mary and Doretta on substance abuse.
  • GenderTalk 187: Sorry, no program this week