2001 Programs

Program Length: ~90 minutes

  • GenderTalk 342: (12/31/01):
    Esther Morris, author of “The Missing Vagina Monologue,” on her experience with MRKH Syndrome, a not-so-rare physical condition that causes women to be born without vaginas
    GenderTalk’s Predictions for 2002: Karen, Hal, Gordene and Nancy take a crack at the crystal ball
  • GenderTalk 341: (12/17/01):
    Jennifer Levi, staff attorney with GLAD, on the current state of transgender legal issues in the United States
    Responding to the Murder of Transactivist Terrianne Summers:
    Dan Merkan, HIV prevention social worker, talks about Terrianne, including her youth mentoring and other activism
    Jessica Archer relates what is known about the circumstances of the murder, and what is being done about it
  • GenderTalk 340: (12/10/01):
    Jessica Archer, director of the Florida Organization for Gender Equality, on trans activism in Florida, and her gender performance art
    Sarah Gould, director of the Ms. Foundation for Women, on women’s economic security issues and their campaign to raise the minimum wage
  • GenderTalk 339: (12/3/01):
    Holly Ryan, Boston area trans activist, on obtaining state health policies that guarantee the availability of social services to trans people, and more
    Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, author of a bold new book that uses religious doctrine to support a non-binary view of gender
  • GenderTalk 338: (11/26/01): National TG Day of Remembrance:
    Grace Stowell, executive director of the Boston Alliance of Gay & Lesbian Youth, on DOR events and serving transgender youth
    Kathleen and Diana Hester, mother and sister of murdered TS Rita Hester, on their experience of loss and what this community event means to them
    Ethan St. Pierre, transman whose aunt Debra Forte was murdered in 1995, shares some of his personal experience
  • GenderTalk 337: (11/19/01): WMBR Fundraising Special
    Virginia Stephenson, transperson and activist, tells us about the progress and results of her transition to living as a woman.
    Gail Leondar-Wright, publicist, talks about her activism: publicizing progressive books, and helping a local bookstore which is becoming a more activist organization.
  • GenderTalk 336: (11/12/01):
    Gunner Gurwich, activist founder of ButchDykeBoy.com, on Boston area transactivism, including Day of Remembrance, a new trans political group, stopping a transphobic ad campaign, and more
    Karen Dolan, head of the Progressive Challenge project at the Institute for Policy Studies, on the public backlash against privatization of government services
  • GenderTalk 335: (11/5/01):
    Helen Matthews of Boston Ecofeminist Action, and Sue Solomon, animal rights & feminist activist, on EcoFeminism and the connection between violence against women and violence against nature.
    Viviane Namaste, author of “Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People,” on her book.
  • GenderTalk 334: (10/29/01):
    Patricia Kelley, medical geneticist who specializes in cancer risk, on your true risk of breast cancer
    Jane Caputi, leading radical feminist professor and author talks with us about gender, terrorism, and recent events
  • GenderTalk 333: (10/22/01):
    Leo Stellwag, a feminist & former lesbian who now identifies as mostly gay, on his journey of self-discovery
    Gail Dines on the fight against the toxic and degrading messages to women and girls that dominate the media
  • GenderTalk 332: (10/15/01):
    Patricia Thomas, author of “Big Shot: Passion, Politics and the Struggle for an AIDS Vaccine”, reveals some of the surprising reasons why a vaccine for AIDS is still not available
    Carl Tripp, transman and community organizer, shares his insight into the process of moving into one’s true gender
  • GenderTalk 331: (10/8/01):
    Bruce Ellison, longtime lawyer for Leonard Peltier, on how wartime suppression of dissent and proposed “anti-terrorist” laws threaten our democracy
    Peter & Shirley Oiler, on their challenge to the right of an employer to fire an employee just becuase he’s a crossdresser
  • GenderTalk 330: (10/1/01):
    Linda & Cynthia Phillips on the issues MTF transpersons face – and cause – in couples
    Anna Utech, indigenous rights activist, on the struggles of the people of Chiapas, Mexico
  • GenderTalk 329: (9/24/01):
    Monica Helms, Atlanta transactivist, talks about some exciting new developments on the front lines of the struggle for recognition and respect
    Larry Gross, author & media critic, on GLBT presence in the media from the 1950s to the present day
  • GenderTalk 328: (9/17/01):
    Chris Hartman, the research director of the organization called United for a Fair Economy, on what’s wrong with the Bush tax cuts
    Kathy Wilson, a leading advocate for the reform of the psychiatric classification of gender diversity as mental disorder, tells us why
  • GenderTalk 327: (9/10/01):
    Jeremy Brecher, activist, author and producer of the book & video called “Global Village or Global Pillage: Economic Reconstruction from the Bottom Up,” on global labor and GLBT issues
    Stacey Montgomery, Boston area transactivist and poet, on collaborative activism
  • GenderTalk 326: (9/3/01):
    Holly Boswell fills us in on the upcoming 11th Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta, the largest gathering of TG people anywhere
    Labor Day Special:
    Ted Glick, noted author and activist, on labor issues from a progressive perspective
  • GenderTalk 325: (8/27/01):
    Adam Mastoon, photographer, on his new book featuring the ‘coming out’ stories of GLBT youth
    Randey Gordon, high school art teacher, on her trailblazing gender transition in progress
  • GenderTalk 323-4: (8/13/01, 8/20/01): “GenderTalk Gems”
    Hosted by Hal Fuller and Karen Larsen, with Marcia Deihl and Peter Choyce
  • GenderTalk 322: (8/6/01):
    Special Roundtable Discussion of MTF Transgender Sexuality featuring:
    Zantui Rose, gender visionary, therapist, ceremonialist, spiritual guide and friend to the trans community
    Viriginia Stephenson, spiritualist, Albuquerque transactivist and proud single trans parent
  • GenderTalk 321: (7/30/01):
    JB Bryan, poet, painter, small press publisher and Buddhist, shares with us her experience of “zender”
    Viriginia Stephenson, transactivist and proud single trans parent, on trans issues, politics, and her transition at work
  • GenderTalk 320: (7/23/01):
    Lisa Davis & “Under the Mink,” a ’40s mystery-thriller drawn from real life, about lesbians and gay men who worked in drag in mob-owned Greenwich Village nightclubs
    Kimeron Hardin, co-author of “Queer Blues: The Lesbian & Gay Guide To Overcoming Depression,” on depression and specific ways to overcome it
  • GenderTalk 319: (7/16/01):
    Cristan Williams, President of Houston’s Community Awareness for Transgender Support, on their shelter for trans homeless persons
    Alejandro Daviko Marcel, director of Boston’s Transgender Education Network, on federal support for trans health issues
  • GenderTalk 318: (7/9/01):
    Robyn Ochs, editor of the “Bisexual Resource Guide (4th Edition),” on pressing issues in bisexuality
    Debra Johnson, writer and transactivist, on the controversial topic of autogynephilia
  • GenderTalk 317: (7/2/01):
    Sharon Hartman Strom, professor of history and author of “Political Woman”, on Florence Luscomb and the history of feminist activism in the US
    Norrie May Welby, Australian MTF transactivist “Spansexual” on breaking away from prescribed identities and genders
  • GenderTalk 316: (6/25/01):
    Emi Koyama on the new teaching kit from the Intersex Society of North America
    Jyl Felman on teaching as performance and her new book titled “Never a Dull Moment”
  • GenderTalk 315: (6/18/01):
    Amy Sonnie, editor of “Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology,” a book of radical queer youth art and writing
    Jaedon, a young Asian Pacific Islander activist, on prejudice; Max Cohen, a 17 year old radical white gender-queer activist and spoken word poet, on ageism in the trans community; Qwo-Li Driskill, a Two-Spirit writer and activist, on appropriation of Native American culture within the queer community
  • GenderTalk 314: (6/11/01):
    Christine Beatty, transsexual writer, programmer and lead singer of the rock and roll band Glamazon
    Aleshia Brevard, author of “The Woman I Was Not Born To Be: A Transsexual Journey”
  • GenderTalk 313: (6/4/01):
    Alix Olson, feminist lesbian performance poet and Winner of the 1999 Outwrite Poetry Slam, performs two gender-oriented works
    Samuel R. Delaney, renowned science fiction author, on racial, sexual and gender themes in his work and in the world of science fiction
  • GenderTalk 312: (5/28/01):
    Kate Bornstein & Barbara Carellas on their new play called “Too Tall Blondes in Love” and on relationship issues
    Howard Zinn on the meaning of Memorial Day and the history that we aren’t taught
  • GenderTalk 311: (5/21/01):
    Merissa Sherrill Lynn, founding director of the International Foundation for Gender Education and early transgender activist and community leader
  • GenderTalk 310: (5/14/01):
    Robin Phillips, Albuquerque trans person, activist & small business owner, on her transition & her life
    Phyllis Frye, trans legal expert, on the Kansas appeals court reversal of the ruling that a transsexual woman could not be legally married to a man
  • GenderTalk 309: (5/7/01):
    David Rostcheck fills us in on the Pink Pistols, a GLBT gun organization
    Nathan Purkiss, aide to SF city supervisor Mark Leno, on the new city measure providing medical transition support for transsexuals
  • GenderTalk 308: (4/30/01):
    Julie Wyman, producer of a new documentary titled “A Boy Named Sue,” that spans six years in the life of a transman and his partner.
    Greg Herren, Lambda Literary Book Report editor, on this year’s “Lammy” literary award finalists.
  • GenderTalk 307: (4/23/01): Special Focus: Free Trade versus democracy
    Mike Prokosch, United for a Fair Economy, on the FTAA: what it is, and what it means to democracy
    Joan Ecklein, on FTAA environmental issues and women’s group participation in the Quebec protest
    Catherine Benedict, Boston Global Action Network, on the failures of NAFTA
    Matt Borus, protester, on police actions in Quebec
  • GenderTalk 306: (4/16/01):
    Sandy Stone, transsexual academic who studies interface, interaction and desire, on Janice Raymond and internet technology
    Jean Kilbourne, renowned media critic, on the connection between advertising and the way that we feel
  • GenderTalk 305: (4/9/01):
    Grace Chang, activist, instructor and author of “Disposable Domestics: Immigrant Women Workers in the Global Economy”
    Nick Adams, FTM transperson and entertainment media manager for GLAAD, on the representation of trans people in the media
  • GenderTalk 304: (4/2/01):
    Special tribute in memory of hardworking transgender activist and leader Penni Ashe Matz, who lost her battle with cancer on March 12
    Larry Gross, professor of communication and longtime gay rights and media activist, on GLBT presence in American media
  • GenderTalk 303: (3/26/01):
    Cheris Kramerae, co-editor of the new Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women, on that and her work on women and technology
    Angela Gardner, executive director of the Renaissance Education Association, on their network of open support groups
  • GenderTalk 302: (3/19/01):
    FTM TS Gary Johnson & activist Joanna Rasmussen, on discrimination against and firing of Gary, and his lawsuit against his former employer
    Sylvia Rivera, Stonewall Revolt leader on actions now being undertaken on behalf of murdered transsexual Amanda Milan
  • GenderTalk 301: (3/12/01):
    Pamela Madison, founder and director of the Santa Barbara Women’s Sexuality Center, on better sex through spirituality
    Kate Bornstein & Barbara Carellas on their East African experience and their new work in progress on relationships
  • GenderTalk 300: (3/5/01):
    Carolyn Latteier, award-winning writer and author of the book “Breasts: The Women’s Perspective on an American Obsession.”
    Dana Rivers, trans woman who was fired from her job as a High School teacher, and who has since used her media attention to advocate for trans persons everywhere.
  • GenderTalk 299: (2/26/01):
    Michael Brewer, Legal Director of the Colorado Legal Initiatives Project, on Gender advocacy in Colorado
    Jessie Shafer, on Colorado Trans Activism and the new “Transgendered Residing In Prisons” (TRIP) journal.
  • GenderTalk 298: (2/19/01):
    Riki Anne Wilchins, author of “Read My Lips” and executive director of the controversial Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, on strategies for advocacy
    Julia Query and Vicky Funari, activist filmmakers and producers of “Live Nude Girls Unite,” on the sex industry and their effort to unionize strippers
  • GenderTalk 297: (2/12/01):
    Zantui Rose, respected trans spiritual leader, writer, therapist and longtime lesbian feminist
    Ethan St. Pierre, FTM transperson, on his relatiohsip with MTF Karen Martin
  • GenderTalk 296: (2/5/01):
    [name removed by request], a recently transitioned transsexual woman, shares her view from behind the scenes on the set of a major television studio.
    Zack Stratis, gay filmmaker, talks about his new feature-length musical motion picture that stars his own family. Zack is joined in the studio by his artist sister, “EvmorphiaTM“.
  • GenderTalk 295: (1/29/01):
    Cheryl Chase, director of the Intersex Society of North America, on the state of intersexuality today
    John Ross, independent journalist and poet, on the struggle of the Zapatistas to defend their homeland against corporate encroachment
  • GenderTalk 294: (1/22/01):
    Joan Roughgarden, ‘out’ transsexual and world-renowned theoretical ecologist, on her experience in transitioning, and on the truly astounding diversity of sex and gender in nature
  • GenderTalk 293: (1/15/01):
    Julie Johnson, chairman of the board for the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) and former board member for GenderPAC, on national transgender representation
    Riki Anne Wilchins, founder and executive director of the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, on inclusion, collaboration and strategy
    Kate Davis, filmmaker, on her new documentary feature film “Southern Comfort”, a powerful story of trans love and cancer
  • GenderTalk 292: (1/08/01):
    Brian Becker, co-director of the International Action Center, on the planned inauguration protest
    Imani Henry, transman and Rainbow Flags for Mumia National Coordinator, about GLBT participation in the inauguration protest
    Jessica Archer, director of the Florida Organization for Gender Equality, on actions in response to the Winn-Dixie firing of a man for crossdressing at home