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Carolyn Latteier, award-winning writer and author of the book "Breasts: The Women's Perspective on an American Obsession."

Dana Rivers, trans woman who was fired from her job as a High School teacher, and who has since used her media attention to advocate for trans persons everywhere.

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00:00 Introduction
06:51 Question of the Week
Question: "Is your show aware that some of us in the transgendered community are conservative Republicans? I ask because you have "Bush Watch" and it seems that the show is dominated by a decisively liberal agenda. Is it fair to assume that the whole transgendered community shares your politics?"
(from A Listener Who Likes Political Balance, Springfield, MA)
Question: "I am young and transgendered, but I find that I can't stand people in the transgendered community because I am young and conservative and most of the people I meet in the TG community are staunch democrats and it seems like their transgenderism is the center of their lives. While I am transgendered, I try not to let it color my views on everything and dominate my whole life because I am a lot of other things, is there anything wrong with that? "
(from Black Dahlia, Connecticut)
16:31 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
28:16 Carolyn Latteier is a journalist, editor and author who specializes in health and psychology. She is author of the book "Breasts: The Women's Perspective on an American Obsession." Her articles have appeared widely in newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and Portland Oregonian and magazines such as Medical Self Care and Healthy Answers. She has received six awards for excellence in journalism from the Society for Professional Journalists. Ms. Latteier has a Masters Degree in American Studies from Washington State University.
Some of the questions we asked Carolyn:
  • What kinds relationships do women have with their breasts?
  • What is our society's conception of the ideal breast and how has this conception of the ideal breast changed in the 20th century?
  • What kind of impact does breast obsession have on adolescent girls?
  • What do breastfeeding practices have to do with sexual obsession with breasts? And how does breast obsession affect breast-feeding practices?
  • How do media (TV, movie, and advertising) images of breasts affect how we feel about breasts?
  • What is your opinion of breast implants?
We previously interviewed Carolyn on GenderTalk #231, Nov 8, 1999
57:35 Special Message
58:35 Boston area (and some national) announcements
63:42 Dana Rivers, an award-winning high school journalism teacher, came to national notoriety when she was fired from her job because of her transsexualism. Since her firing, she has been sought after by virtually every major media channel, and has parleyed her media savvy into an ongoing series of highly successful appearances. She in the process of negotiating with Lifetime television for a movie about her life, tentatively titled "The Dana Rivers Story." Dana has taken advantage of the opportunity presented by the media attention to advocate strongly and capably on behalf of the transgender community.
We talked with Dana about the media and about how her ideas about family have been impacted by what has happened.
To learn more about Dana and her work, or to contact her, visit
88:55 End
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