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Mark Angelo Cummings Cuban trans man, training studio owner and author of The Mirror Makes No Sense (5/13/06)
Nick Gorton, MD Co-author of an open-source online book, Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men (11/12/05)
Jamison Green Female to male transsexual, on how his life of activism culminated in true love and an activist partnership, and his book, "Becoming The Visible Man" (5/10/04)
Sam Zolten Producer of an award-winning documentary about a 16 year old female to male transsexual living in Tucson, Arizona (4/26/04)
Jarret Grace &
Andrea Dawn Verville
His quest for appropriate legal identification that turned into a real challenge, and their internet radio program (3/29/04)
Donna Troka Organizer of the first International Drag King Extravaganza, on the history of drag kings and gender in performance (7/7/03)
Kegan Allee West coast scholar investigating the effects of gender performance on so-called natural bodies on the history of drag kings and gender in performance (7/7/03)
Jake Rich Popular WMBR disc jockey reports on his recent transition from Deb to Jake, and listener response as "Debbie Does Dallas" becomes "Jake's Juke Joint" (6/30/03)
Dean Kotula Photographer and author of a new book called "The Phallus Palace: Female to Male Transsexuals" (3/24/03)
Dean Spade Transgender attorney and activist on trans activism, global issues, and the groundbreaking Kantaras ruling from Florida on the legal sex of a transsexual man (2/24/03)
Aliza Shapiro Drag event organizer and performer in the drag personna of Heywood Wakefield, on drag king events and culture (1/27/03)
Stephen Whittle A leading trans activist, author and academic, on trans representations and the rights of transsexual and transgender persons (1/20/03)
Jake Rich Popular radio disk jockey and emerging transman, on changing his name (9/16/02)
Imani Henry Female-to-male writer, activist and performer whose powerful new play chronicles struggles around gender issues (6/10/02)
Dean Spade FTM transsexual lawyer arrested for trying to use a men's restroom in NYC's Grand Central Station (4/8/02)
Genderqueers Roundtable discussion on radical personal gender, with Gunner from ButchDykeBoy, Cole Thaler, Kurt, and Dan. (2/25/02)
Victoria Muñoz Psychology professor, on her study of female to male transsexuals & how sexual orientation relates to gender (2/4/02)
Leo Stellwag Feminist & former lesbian who now identifies as mostly gay, on his journey of self-discovery (10/22/01)
Carl Tripp Transman and community organizer on the process of moving into one's true gender (10/15/01)
Julie Wyman Producer of "A Boy Named Sue" documentary on transman and partner (4/30/01)
Ethan St. Pierre FTM transperson on his relatiohsip with MTF partner Karen Martin (2/12/00)
Kate Davis Her documentary, "Southern Comfort", about FTM Robert Eads (1/15/01)
Patrick Califia Re-thinking radical sex from an FTM perspective (7/31/00)
Drew Campbell FTM TS author of "The Bride Wore Black Leather..." (7/3/00)
Alison Phipps "Butch" identity in regard to TG and FTMs (5/22/00)
[name removed by request] Transman, filmmaker, and sex-positive educator (4/17/00)
Kimberly Pierce Writer and director of the movie about Brandon Teena, "Boys Don't Cry" (10/25/99)
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