GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Georgina Beyer 3rd-term New Zealand MP, native-born Mauri and the first known transgender person ever elected to national office, on her life story and key legislative initiatives (5/20/06)
Alisiha Oulette Transsexual woman firefighter, on her experience after having transitioned on the job two years ago (2/18/06)
Michelle DuMaresq, Diana Wilson & Karen Duthie The story of how Michelle became the first openly transgender person to represent her country in world championship competition, and the making of the documentary "100% Woman" about her journey from first competition to world championship participation (1/31/05)
Andrea James Author and activist who runs, details her analysis of, and objections to, the philosophy of transgender behavior and motivation promoted by Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence and called "autogynephilia". (9/13/04)
Dee MacLachlan &
Patricia Church
Producer and director of "M2F: A Journey in Gender Identity", a wise and visionary documentary about Male to Female transgenderism (6/14/04)
Lauren & Genita McGonagle Lauren's transition and unusual work situation, and on their long-term relationship (5/24/04)
Holly Boswell Transgender activist, spiritualist & visionary catches us up on her personal journey, as well as upcoming kindred spirits events (1/5/04)
Rosalyne Blumenstein Respected transactivist, therapist and writer, on her new book "Branded T" (12/22/03)
Jude Russell Transgender activist and male-to-female transsexual just 5 days out of surgery, on her process and progress (12/15/03)
Dr. Marci Powers A gynecological surgeon (and post-op TS woman) who recently took over a leading SRS practice in Trinidad, Colorado, on her practice (12/15/03)
Renee Simousek Male to female transsexual, on how her relationship with her wife changed when Renee transitioned (12/8/03)
Donna Rose Transsexual author of a memoir entitled "Wrapped in Blue: a Journey of Discovery", on the more human elements involved in a gender transition (10/13/03)
Jennifer Boylan Highly respected professor of English, on her new transsexual memoir entitled "She's Not There" (7/28/03)
Ray Rivas An outspoken trans person with strong ideas about transgenderism, activism, beauty and more (2/10/03)
Alejandro Marcel Former director of Boston's Transgender Education Network, on problems created by John Shope and the BVNA for those attempting to do outreach work with transpersons (2/3/03)
John Shope Bay Village Neighborhood Association president, on problems that Jacque's, Boston's leading tranny bar, creates for it's neighbors (2/3/03)
Alexandria Tucker Her nightmarish tale of being assaulted, then arrested and incarcerated for two years when falsely accused of perpetrating the assault (9/16/02)
Janet Barger Former professor at the University of Texas tells the story of her firing because of her gender transition (8/19/02)
Gina Kamentsky Creator of "T-Gina," a comic strip about a transsexual woman -- and life in general (7/15/02)
Virginia Stephenson Transgenderism in employment, as she faces the impending loss of her job following her gender change (7/8/02)
Jewels Cameron Wolf Transgendered first grade teacher, on difficulties she is encountering on the job despite excellent evaluations (7/1/02)
Chris Howey Transsexual father of Noelle Howey, whose book revealed both his unflattering past and the daughter's newfound love for her father as a woman (6/24/02)
Noelle Howey On losing the dad she didn't like, and gaining the transsexual father she loves. (6/17/02)
Joelle Legassé Of TGirl magazine, a web mag out of Toronto (4/29/02)
Tim Bergling On the phenomenon which he discusses in his groundbreaking new book, "Sissyphobia." (1/21/02)
Grace Stowell Transwoman director of Boston's BAGLY, on her personal gender identity evolution (11/26/01)
Virginia Stephenson Transperson and activist, on the progress and results of her transition to living as a woman (11/19/01)
Linda & Cynthia Phillips Issues MTF transpersons face - and create - in couples (10/1/01)
Randey Gordon High school art teacher on her trailblazing gender transition in progress (8/27/01)
Zantui Rose &
Viriginia Stephenson
Roundtable on MTF trans sexuality, with two gender spiritualists (8/6/01)
Viriginia Stephenson Transactivist and proud single trans parent, on trans issues, politics, and her transition at work (7/30/01)
Debra Johnson Writer and transactivist talks about autogynephilia (7/9/01)
Aleshia Brevard Author of "The Woman I Was Not Born To Be: A Transsexual Journey" (6/11/01)
Christine Beatty TS writer, programmer & lead singer of rock 'n roll band Glamazon (6/11/01)
Kate Bornstein &
Barbara Carellas
Their play "Too Tall Blondes in Love" and relationship issues (5/28/01)
Robin Phillips Albuquerque trans person on her transition & her life (5/14/01)
[name removed by request] All about transitioning while working for a major TV studio (2/5/01)
Veronica Vera Boys who want to be girls (11/6/00)
Lynn Conway Renowned TS computer scientist on coming out (7/17/00)
Andrea Uehara TS tells her story of transition (7/3/00)
Stephanie Vanin Observations about the way she is treated as a woman (6/26/00)
Shawn Hayward Shares some of hir poems and gender journeys (6/19/00)
Li Anne Taft Fighting for the right to compete on a woman's canoe team. (5/29/00)
Virginia Stephenson Her experiences on being gender-fluid in Albuquerque, New Mexico (5/01/00)
Sylvia Durand Transitioning within the Canadian military (4/24/00)
Brian Peters High School Junior sent home for wearing a dress to school (4/3/00)
Dana Rivers Trannsexual teacher forced out of her job in California (12/6/99)
Michelle Hendricks Transsexual high school teacher forced to retire after a complaint (3/25/98)