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Tanya Brannan on the first ever successful lawsuit against a police department for their failure to provide protection for a woman against domestic violence

Gina Kamentsky, creator of "T-Gina," a comic strip about a transsexual woman -- and life in general

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Face Cream Commercial Irritation
• Neighbor Crones
• Visiting with Yvonne Cook-Riley
11:29 Question of the week
" Researchers have found that women who received stem cells from their brothers for treatment of cancer showed "Y" chromosomes (not normally found in women) in cells in the skin, liver and intestinal tract. Could these women now be categorized as intersex? How does this affect one's "legal sex", if that's based on chromosomes, such as in the Litteton case? "
(from: Alex, Orange County, California)
" There seems to be a lot of different opinions about the proper way to transition´┐Ż I am doing my RLT (Real Life Trial). My Friend says I have to wear a dress everyday to be doing my RLT. So what are the rules? "
(from: DEE May Dek, Sioux City Iowa)
23:57 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
38:45 For the first time ever, law enforcement is paying a large cash settlement for failing to protect a domestic violence victim. Teresa Macias filed over 20 complaints with the police against her estranged husband for his violations of a restraining order, but police inaction allowed him to take both of their lives. Journalist Tanya Brannan tells us all about this sad case, and the precedent-setting ruling that raises hopes for other victims of domestic violence.

Tanya Brannan is a bilingual investigator & women's rights activist with the Purple Berets, a grassroots, in-your-face women's rights group dedicated to gaining equal justice for women. Its members work as advocates for women who are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, doing direct action political organizing to make system-wide change to give women access to justice.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Department agreed to pay a million dollar settlement in the landmark civil rights lawsuit "Maria Teresa Macias vs. Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Ihde."
Previously, a July 2000 9th Circuit Appellate Court decision in the Macias case established for the first time and in the most unambiguous language to date women's right to sue law enforcement when they fail to act.

For more information:
• Visit the Purple Berets website at
• Contact information:
    Women Defending Women
    PO Box 3064
    Santa Rosa, CA 95402
    tel 707.887.0262
    fax 707.887.0865
• Visit the Women's Justice Center website at
70:09 Special Message
70:39 Boston area (and national) announcements
73:11 What happens when a kinetic scultptor, game inventor, Vespa mechanic, teacher & jersey-born punk rocker comes out as a trans woman? Gina Kamentsky created a comic called "T-Gina" where she explores observations and experiences that strike a common chord with people in the trans community -- and beyond.
Gina says T-Gina is "The tale of a fabulous Transgendered gal and her search for validation and a decent cup of coffee. Loosely based on my own wacky adventures into the gender gap".
For more information:
• Visit the T-Gina website at
88:53 End
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