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Lily McBeth 70-year-old transgender school teacher from New Jersey, talks about her struggle to be allowed back into the classroom after coming under attack by parents (3/11/06)
Larissa Sneider A listener defends her employer, Wal-Mart, with positive comments about transitioning on the job at there (2/18/06)
Alisiha Oulette Transsexual woman firefighter, on her experience after having transitioned on the job two years ago (2/18/06)
Bill Munger President of the newly-formed Teamsters GLBT Caucus, on the formation and role of this new group (8/20/05)
Mara Keisling Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, on the Human Rights Campaign's decision to exclusively support trans-inclusive employment non-discrimination legislation (8/9/04)
Mary Marcel Researcher, author and professor, on what will be the largest sex discrimination class action lawsuit ever to be brought in the US, by women employees against retail giant Wal-Mart (6/21/04)
Lauren & Genita McGonagle Lauren's transition and unusual work situation, and on their long-term relationship (5/24/04)
Alejandro Marcel On the new Bush administration policy that excludes LGBT federal employees from discrimination protection (3/15/04)
James MacGregor Halleman Transgender activist and 4th generation steel worker, on transgender employment issues and his own experience of discrimination in the workplace (2/2/04)
Seth Kilbourne National Field Director for the Human Rights Campaign, on their national strategy for trans inclusion (8/11/03)
Jill Weiss Transgender lawyer and graduate student studying Human Resource policies regarding trans persons in workplace, on current trends in the employment of transpersons (7/14/03)
Peter & Shirley Oiler On the aftermath of his firing by Winn-Dixie and the court judgement against him. (3/10/03)
Janet Barger Former professor at the University of Texas tells the story of her firing because of her gender transition (8/19/02)
Virginia Stephenson Transgenderism in employment, as she faces the impending loss of her job following her gender change (7/8/02)
Jewels Cameron Wolf Transgendered first grade teacher, on difficulties she is encountering on the job despite excellent evaluations (7/1/02)
Robin Phillips Trans person, activist & small business owner, on her post-transition life and activism (7/1/02)
Randey Gordon High school art teacher on her trailblazing gender transition in progress (8/27/01)
[name removed by request] All about transitioning while working for a major TV studio (2/5/01)
Janis Walworth Transsexual employment issues (11/27/00)
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