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Shelly Prevost, independent film maker and video activist, on the aftermath of Gwen Araujo’s murder and her short film Isn’t It Obvious

Seth Kilbourne, National Field Director for the Human Rights Campaign, on their national strategy for trans inclusion

The majority of people who responded in the poll said that there should be legislation and there should be laws to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and expression
- Seth Kilbourne
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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Air conditioner installation at WMBR
• Arnold Schwartzenegger’s candidacy and gender
• Bush’s fundraising
• Mayor of Hiroshima condemns Bush for worshipping nuclear weapons
• Casualties in Iraq
• Congress votes against FCC changes
• Listener feedback
16:28 Question of the Week
" How can one tell if this is right for them? I feel that it is but I’m still struggling on weather or not I should. I hope you can help and I’ve just started seeing a therapist about it. "
(from: Anonymous)
22:43 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
36:33 Mourners carry Gwen Araujo’s casket at her funeral The murder of transperson Gwen Araujo in California in October, 2002, sparked widespread outrage. Shelly Prevost, independent film maker and video activist, reports on the murder, media coverage of the tragedy, and it’s effects on the victim’s family. Her short film Isn’t It Obvious, which is being shown at film festivals nationally, is a memorial to Gwen that documents community response to her brutal murder.
More information:
• Visit the webpage for Isn’t It Obvious at
62:19 Special Message
63:35 Boston area (and national) announcements
67:20 The Human Rights Campaign, the leading national gay rights organization, has long been viewed by many leading transgender activists as more obstacle than ally in obtaining legal protections for transgender persons. HRC recently announced a new strategy for trans inclusion, but is it smoke and mirrors or the real deal? Seth Kilbourne, HRC’s National Field Director, tells us about their current national strategy to improve protections for freedom of gender expression and identity.
For More Information:
• Read HRC director Elizabeth Birch’s op-ed ENDA & the Transgender Community
• Learn more about HRC at
90:26 End
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