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Rosa Auterio Prevention case manager of the newer Cambridge-based organization TransCend (Transgender Care and Education Needs Diversity), on the services they provide to trans persons (7/15/06)
Kate Bornstein On her latest work, a book entitled, "Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and other Outlaws" (7/8/06)
Judith Herman Harvard professor of psychiatry and groundbreaking author, on trauma, and changing the role it plays in our lives (7/1/06)
David Mariner Coordinator of clinical trials for the DC Care Consortium, on resources for HIV/AIDS clinical trials, and other work that he is doing on behalf of GLBT folks (6/3/06)
Donna Lindenberg Coordinator of a Canadian project which has released a comprehensive set of publications on transgender health issues (4/22/06)
Susie, Tim, and their trans daughter Jackie On their trip to Boston to obtain medical care for Jackie that they were refused in England (12/3/05)
Nick Gorton, MD Co-author of an open-source online book, Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men (11/12/05)
Dee Dee Chamblee Founder of a shelter for Trans and GLB persons in Atlanta (10/29/05)
Gunner Scott Outreach coordinator for The Network/La Red: Ending abuse in lesbian, bisexual women, and transgender communities, on his work to provide support for persons suffering from domestic violence (10/1/05)
Jessica Xavier Transgender epidemiologist, on the medical difficulties faced by transgender persons, and the recent Amnesty Internation report about police mistreatment of GLBT persons (9/24/05)
Eoin Collins Director of Policy Change for the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network in Ireland, on transsexual health care access issues and the Irish social climate (8/27/05)
Elizabeth Lindsey & Heather Stephenson Contributor to and managing editor of the 2005 edition of "Our Bodies Ourselves", on the creation and content of this vital and popular resource for women (4/23/05)
Holly Ryan Public services trainer and consultant on behalf of trans persons, on homelessness and related problems suffered by the transgender population (2/14/05)
Krista Scott-Dixon Editor of a forthcoming anthology on trans feminism, on that and about female body builders and trans health issues (1/17/05)
[name removed by request] Recounts her recent experience with having sex reassignment surgery in a Thailand clinic (1/10/05)
Gayle MacKenzie Director of the Kipling Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center, on caring for pets and the role of human-animal relationships in our daily lives (8/9/04)
Anne-Christine D'Adesky Public intellectual, author and filmmaker, comments on the current state of the global AIDS challenge (8/2/04)
Katie Singer Fertility expert, on how much about her health a woman's fertility cycles reveal, as well as the effects of estrogen on MTF transgender persons (6/7/04)
Rhonda Factor On the field of psychology and the extent to which it really understands transgender persons (6/7/04)
Alejandro Marcel GenderTalk's minority health commentator, on a Michigan threat to GLBT health (4/26/04)
Alejandro Marcel Trans health consultant, on some disturbing findings from studies on health issues among transgender populations (4/5/04)
Dr. Marci Bowers A gynecological surgeon (and post-op TS woman) who recently became head of a leading SRS team in Trinidad, Colorado, on her philosophy and practice (12/15/03)
Mike Mancilla Author of a new book called "Love in the Time of HIV", about the changing rules of gay dating. (10/6/03)
Andrea James Former advertising writer who has now committed her skills to promoting the healthy depiction and well-being of the transgender community (6/9/03)
Holly Boswell Transgenderist and longtime advocate for non-surgical transition alternatives, on transgender bodies and related issues (1/13/03)
Cristan Williams Co-founder of CATS Houston transitional living facility for transpersons, on who and what they are, and the help they need in order to survive (12/23/02)
Alejandro Marcel Trans healthcare consultant, on the groundbreaking national survey on attitudes towards transgenderism, and the recent "Creating Change" conference (11/11/02)
Alejandro Marcel Trans healthcare consultant, on trans healthcare and where it's headed (11/4/02)
Wayne Beyer &
Scott Kerlin
Doctor and researcher, on the impact of DES exposure on male offspring (10/7/02)
Holly Ryan Obtaining state health policies guaranteeing availability of social services to trans people, and much more (12/3/01)
Patricia Kelly Medical geneticist specializing in cancer risk, on your true risk of breast cancer (10/29/01)
Patricia Thomas Respected medical writer on why an AIDS vaccine is still unavailable (10/15/01)
Kimeron Hardin "Queer Blues": GLBT depression and specific ways to overcome it (7/23/01)
Alejandro Daviko Marcel Emerging federal support for trans health care issues (7/16/01)
Cristan Williams Houston's Community Awareness for Transgender Support and their trans homeless shelter (7/16/01)
Daviko Marcel New research to improve health care for transpersons (7/10/00)
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