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Sex Reassignment Surgery:

Jude Russell, transgender activist and male-to-female transsexual just 5 days out of surgery, on her process and progress

Dr. Marci Bowers, a gynecological surgeon (and post-op TS woman) who recently took over a leading SRS practice in Trinidad, Colorado, on her practice

"If you can fool a gynecologist, then I suggest you find a new gynecologist"

- Dr. Marci Bowers

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
  • Flu deaths and vaccine shortage
  • Fox acknowledges racism in school drug raid
  • Saddam's capture
13:27 Question of the Week

"My closest friend is a TG (M-F). She is almost 57 and had her SRS 3 1/2 years ago. She is living with the woman she married about 14 years ago, before she became a woman. Is she still legally married, or since same sex marriages are not recognized, is that disolved? My friend seems confused as to this situation, so doesn't know if she is able to date others. "
(From: Chazz)
"I am a male to female cross-dresser. Do I have the right to go into retail shops and try on formal dresses?"
(From: Rush)

24:50 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • School board denies gender discrimination claim
  • Student harrassment diminishes grades and aspirations
  • Hiroshima bomber display without victim mention draws ire
  • Massachusetts senate asks court if civil unions enough
  • Stupid crook story: escapee has bad day
  • Japan: name listing encourages homosexuality?
  • Elephants hijack sugar cane
35:18 Boston area (and national) announcements
37:36 Special Message
38:27 For the first time, GenderTalk takes a close look at a male-to-female sex reassignment surgery. We visit first with Jude Russell, a 42 year old transgendered woman who speaks with us from her hospital room in Trinidad, Colorado, only five days after her SRS procedure. She talks about her whole transition experience, from the decision process that led up to her surgery to how she's feeling just days out of the operating room.

Jude lives in Hartford CT, and is an active member and former executive director of the Connecticut Outreach Society, a Hartford area transgender support group. Jude owns her own engineering and media services consulting company.

For more information:

  • Read more about Jude's experience, and much more, at her website at [sorry, Jude's blog is no longer available]

There's nothing like personal experience to gain insight into a process, and our guest is the first 'Sex Reassignment' surgeon to have previously gone through the procedure herself. Dr. Marci Bowers, a gynecological surgeon who transitioned in 1997 and was acknowledged as one of 'America's Best Doctors' in 2003, has taken over the longest-running SRS practice in Trinidad, Colorado. She talks about her philosophy and methods openly and in detail.

For more information:

89:02 End
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