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Dr. Olive Skene Johnson Vancouver mother of two gay sons who is also a retired neuro-psychologist, and author of the book The Sexual Spectrum: Exploring Human Diversity (9/17/05)
Mary Marcel Author of "Freud's Traumatic Memory: Reclaiming Seduction Theory and Revisiting Oedipus", on how the work of one of the most influential psychologists of all time was distorted by the trauma of his own life (3/26/05)
Andrea James Author and activist who runs, details her analysis of, and objections to, the philosophy of transgender behavior and motivation promoted by Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence and called "autogynephilia". (9/13/04)
Taryn Levitt Boston-area trans/genderqueer activst, on what it means to be "genderqueer" (7/19/04)
Lauren Scott Transwoman on her own search into the study of chemically-induced endocrine disruption and its potential effect on the gender identity of individuals (6/28/04)
Dr. Marci Bowers A gynecological surgeon (and post-op TS woman) who recently became head of a leading SRS team in Trinidad, Colorado, on her philosophy and practice (12/15/03)
Roger Lancaster Professor of cultural studies, on how the media misrepresents scientific studies of sex and gender (7/21/03)
Joan Roughgarden World renowned expert on biology and ecology, on her challenge to Darwin's theories and promotion of diversity-affirming models of biology and evolution (6/16/03)
Jim Potter Author of "The 11 Myths of Media Violence," on the effects of violence in the media and what we can do about it. (3/10/03)
Dr. Monica Casper New executive director of the Intersex Society of North America, on the connection between fetal surgery and intersexuality, gender and children's rights (2/17/03)
Dr. Terry Tafoya American Indian researcher and faculty member at the Kinsey Insititute, on his work there and on a new study on the health and wholeness of native two spirit communities (12/16/02)
Rhonda Factor Doctoral candidate whose dissertation work is breaking new ground in studying gender diversity (12/9/02)
Steven Seidman Professor of sociology, about leaving the closet behind on a community scale, and the resulting life transformation (11/4/02)
Lundy Bancroft World-renowned authority on domestic violence, takes us inside the minds of angry and controlling men (10/21/02)
Matt Brieding Author of a new study on how (non-GID) male gender role conflict affects wive's marital adjustment (10/14/02)
Kristin Donnan Co-author of "Rex Appeal: The Amazing Story of Sue the Dinosaur that changed Science, the Law, and my Life" reveals some amazing new gender implications (9/23/02)
Judith Kegan Gardiner Masculinity studies, feminist theory, and the sometimes uneasy relationship between the two (7/29/02)
bell hooks Leading international feminist thinker, prolific author, and anti-racism, anti-patriarchy activist, on love, gender, and transgenderism (5/27/02)
Allan G. Johnson Sociologist author of "The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy," on gender, privilege, and power (5/20/02)
Carol Gilligan World-renowned feminist academic and respected psychologist, on her research on love in relationships (4/29/02)
Freddie Fagula Drag king & co-director of a documentary on the radical nature of drag (4/22/02)
Victoria Muñoz Psychology professor, on her study of female to male transsexuals & how sexual orientation relates to gender (2/4/02)
Cheris Kramerae The Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women, and women & technology (3/26/01)
Joan Roughgarden Nature and gender diversity (1/22/01)
Siobhan Somerville Race and the Invention of Homosexuality (9/25/00)
Kerwin Kay Male Lust: Pleasure, Power and Transformation (9/18/00)
Steven Hill How stereotypes propagate gender enslavement (9/18/00)
John Colapinto Author of "As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl", on John Money's subversion of individual gender (2/28/00)
Bruce Bagemihl Gender diversity in the animal kingdom (7/26/99)
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