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Special Extended Interview:

Allan G. Johnson, sociologist and author of "The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy," on gender, privilege, and power

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00:00 Introduction
10:37 Question of the week
" I transitioned OTJ ('on the job' -ed) and suffered 1 1/2 years of sexual harassment. When I complained to management it was ignored for the most and when I filed a charge with the EEOC it got worse. In April of 2001 I was diagnosed with MS multiple scleroses. In retaliation they fired me and stopped my insurance, making medical care unattainable and now the ms symptoms are worse day to day. Since then I have lost everything and on the verge of being homeless. My legal reps say there is nothing I can do. I have no recourse for the damages done and what this hatred and prejudice has cost me. The attorneys want me to go back to work for this jerk, which I am physically unable to do any longer because of the MS. please HELP! I feel so dam alone, where are they that call me sister? "
(from: Saira Louise (s-air-a), Denver Colorado)
Resources given:
Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) hotline Mon-Fri 1:30-4:30pm at 1-800-455-GLAD
GLAD main phone: 617-426-1350
GLAD website:
National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR): 415.392.6257,
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31:14 Special Message
32:13 Boston area (and national) announcements
36:39 Is an examination of one's own role in the creation of privilege and its abuses - including gender hate - a moral issue? Join us for a fascinating conversation about how privilege, power, and patriarchy create gender, racial and other underclasses. Our guest for a special extended interview is Allan Johnson, author of "The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy." Allan sheds new light on this most critical - and timely - area.

Allan G. Johnson is a sociologist, writer, and trainer/consultant. He teaches at Hartford College for Women and works in major corporations and schools on issues of gender and diversity. He is author of several books, including "The Gender Knot" and "Privilege, Power, and Difference."
Some of the issues that Allan writes about are:
• Misconceptions about the nature of privilege
• The individualistic model and why it doesn't work
• The systems/individual model as an alternative
• How systems of privilege are organized (Dominance, Control, Identification, Centeredness)
• How commonplace and normalized resistance and denial are
"Many well-intentioned men do nothing because they can't see how to acknowledge what's going on without inviting guilt and blame simply for being men""

For more information:
• About Allan G. Johnson
• Publisher's web site for The Gender Knot
88:59 End
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