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Jane Caputi Feminist author of a number of books, talks about 'cunctipotence' and her new film, "The Pornography of Everyday Life" (9/9/06)
Jane Midgley Public policy analyst, legislative director and executive director of the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, on women and money from the very top down (10/15/05)
Deanne Matte Canadian feminist activist, on the Women's Global Charter for Humanity and the upcoming day of feminist solidarity (9/3/05)
Jodie Evans Co-founder of Code Pink: Women for Peace, on her antiwar work with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, TX, and her visits to, and assessment of the current situation in, Iraq (8/20/05)
Elizabeth Lindsey & Heather Stephenson Contributor to and managing editor of the 2005 edition of "Our Bodies Ourselves", on the creation and content of this vital and popular resource for women (4/23/05)
Jane Caputi Author of "Goddesses and Monsters: Women, Myth, Power and Popular Culture", on the ways in which our modern culture distorts our perspectives on female power (4/2/05)
Krista Scott-Dixon Editor of a forthcoming anthology on trans feminism, on that and about female body builders and trans health issues (1/17/05)
Leela Fernandes Professor of Political Science and Women's & Gender Studies, on the connection between spirituality, activism and feminism (5/31/04)
Paige Bradley Frost Development director and spokesperson for NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, on the status of struggles around some of the leading women's issues today (3/29/04)
Laurie Kahn-Leavitt Her documentary about the Tupperware story reveals how the drive and determination of the woman who made that company a huge success broke gender role stereotypes in the 50s (1/26/04)
Eleanor Smeal Feminist Majority Foundation president, on the FMF and the current state of abortion rights and activism (9/29/03)
Isis Nusair Scholar and activist, on the situation of women's and human rights in the middle east and North Africa. (3/17/03)
Terry O'Neill Attorney, professor and NOW VP, on the recent Supreme Court decision that undercuts the security of abortion clinics nationwide, and other issues of importance to women today. (3/3/03)
Judith Kegan Gardiner Masculinity studies, feminist theory, and the sometimes uneasy relationship between the two (7/29/02)
Carol Gilligan World-renowned feminist academic and respected psychologist, on her research on love in relationships (4/29/02)
Helen Matthews &
Sue Solomon
EcoFeminism and the connection between violence against women and violence against nature (11/5/01)
Jane Caputi Leading radical feminist professor and author on gender, terrorism, and recent events (10/29/01)
Gail Dines The fight against the toxic and degrading messages to women and girls that dominate the media (10/22/01)
Cheris Kramerae The Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women, and women & technology (3/26/01)
Zantui Rose Leading trans spiritual writer, therapist & lesbian feminist (2/12/01)
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