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Jane Caputi, feminist author of a number of books, talks about cunctipotence and her new film, "The Pornography of Everyday Life"

Jenn Burleton, trans activist, talks about a new political advocacy group working to raise awareness about challenges facing gender variant kids and their families

Kim and Shawn, mom and trans son, share their experiences around his transition and their advocacy efforts

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00:00 Introduction
  • GenderTalk to suspend broadcast (last show Sept 30)
  • Gordene & Nancy's new projects
  • Ethan & Karen's departure
13:00 The Bird With the Word Raving Raven
  • Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter", dies
  • Japan Dolphin Day Sept. 20
  • House approves HR503 to end slaughter of horses for human consumption
21:39 Clown graphic Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
  • Greenback, England: Fire station built without pole
  • CA: Schwartzenegger vetoes GLBT-friendly education bill
  • Christian networks debut "Pure Passion", repudiating GLBT sexuality
  • FL: UCF student arrested for arson to meet women
  • Lawyer for aryan brotherhood claims it's just a "social club"
  • McDonald's wins suit against "McCurry" indian eatery
  • Israeli institute asks sage to remove curse
  • Peter Pan sequeled
  • VT: mysterious rabbit stencils proliferating
  • 40 years since original "Star Trek"
37:33 Gender News
  • NYC: McDonald's manager assaults transwoman; police refuse complaint
  • South African bank assists trans persons
  • Pakistani lawmakers threaten revolt rather than reform rape laws
  • Pope Benedict characterizes gay marriage as "folly"
  • "Wicker Man" movie anti-pagan, vicious towards goddess reverence
  • ABC's "Path to 9/11" decried as rightist propaganda
  • NY: students' transfers from transsexual teacher's class denied
  • S. Korea releases sympathetic report on transgender rights
53:17 Question of the Week

"I am planning to have some plastic surgery to my unfortunately masculine face. I have seen programs on TV about plastic surgery gone bad. do you have any advice on how to find a good plastic surgeon or maybe some resources to recommend one in southwest Florida."
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63:18 Always refreshingly outspoken and keenly insightful, feminist author Jane Caputi talks with us about Cunctipotence, subject of her recent essay, and The Pornography of Everyday Life, a new movie that she wrote.

Jane's books include Goddesses and Monsters, Age of Sex Crime, and Gossips Gorgons and Crones and (with Mary Daly) The Wickedary. A new 33 minute film that she wrote, "The Pornography of Everyday Life", is available on DVD from Jane Caputi, Women�s Studies, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL 33431.

According to Jane, "Pornography" (the sexualized domination and objectification of women and others put in the role of women) is really a mainstream worldview, one supporting not only sexism, but also racism, militarism, torture and environmental destruction. Pornography as such appears not only in overt, but also in everyday forms like ads and other forms of pop culture. While pornographic imagery is usually thought to be the opposite of religion, it actually is a form of patriarchal religion and works by appropriating previously sacred icons and images of women, sex, and the feminine principle and then profaning and defaming them. To resist, visionary artists and thinkers re-imagine female sexuality and/or the female divine, restoring respect to the feminine principle, and calling for new understandings of sex, mystery, connection, eroticism, and ecstasy.

Get a copy of the film from; a portion of the cost goes to the feminist scholarship fund

Read Jane's article on Cunctipotence

Jane's previous GenderTalk interviews:

88:25 The GenderTalk Calendar
  Upcoming events of special interest (add your events here)
98:09 Young trans persons and their families face serious challenges, but things continue to improve for them. Working to help matters along is Jenn Burleton, as well as mom Kim and 14-year-old trans son Shawn, who are working together on TransKids Family Coalition, a political advocacy committee "working to raise awareness regarding the challenges facing gender variant children and their families."

"TransKids Family Coalition is a political advocacy committee dedicated to raising legislative and public awareness regarding the very real issues facing families of children with gender identity variance. Whenever children are able to articulate their gender preference, however young, they have the right to a loving atmosphere supporting that decision."

Contact: PFLAG T-Net


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121:40 End
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