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Steve Rendell Senior analyst from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, on flaws in today's corporate news reporting, and what can be done about it (7/22/06)
Andrea James & Calpernia Adams Trans activists, actresses, and entrepreneurs, on their part in the movie TransAmerica and their trans education and advocacy work (4/15/06)
Dan Hunt Co-producer of a new documentary film "Cruel and Unusual" that reveals the merciless entrapment of transgender individuals at the intersection of our gender and penal systems (4/1/06)
Stasha Goliaszewski Transsexual host of TransPhillyRadio, on radio, advocacy, and much more (3/18/06) [Hosted by Ethan St. Pierre & Denise Leclair]
Robin Goldstein Co-host of the podcast "Schnauzer Logic" (and guest on GenderTalk #1) (3/4/06)
Hal Fuller Creator and producer of the "Twisted Nasty News" and longtime GenderTalk staff member (3/4/06)
Trans Radio Special In this program we introduce you a sampling of some of the many trans voices in radio today, including WBAI's Andrea Sears, KPFT's Sarah DePalma and Jenifer Rene, and online TransFM talk hosts Marti Abernathey, Katrina Rose, Susan Moses, Rebecca Nay, Becky Juro, and Mike Scott. (2/25/06)
Jaclyn Friedman Program director for the Center for New Words, on the upcoming Women, Action and the Media conference (2/18/06)
Joseph Paralagreco & Reverend Malcom Himschoot An award winning cinematographer teams up with an ordained transman to talk about their their inspiring new documentary titled "Call Me Malcom" (11/26/05)
Joelle Ruby Ryan Transgender activist, author and doctoral student, on transgender representations in the media: the good, the bad, and why (11/26/05)
Rev. Ben Guess Openly gay director of the United Church of Christ news service, on the recent refusal by NBC and CBS to air pro-diversity ads (12/6/04)
Michelle Bruce The first transgender councilwoman in the State of Georgia, on what it is like being transgender in the Bible Belt and how she is fighting discrimination, personally and publicly (9/6/04)
Dee MacLachlan &
Patricia Church
Producer and director of "M2F: A Journey in Gender Identity", a wise and visionary documentary about Male to Female transgenderism (6/14/04)
Sam Zolten Producer of an award-winning documentary about a 16 year old female to male transsexual living in Tucson, Arizona (4/26/04)
Jarret Grace &
Andrea Dawn Verville
His quest for appropriate legal identification that turned into a real challenge, and their internet radio program (3/29/04)
Gabriel Bauer Director of a new documentary on people born female who express masculinity, titled Venus Boys (9/1/03)
Shelly Prevost Independent film maker and video activist, on the aftermath of Gwen Araujo’s murder and her short film Isn’t It Obvious (8/11/03)
Roger Lancaster Professor of cultural studies, on how the media misrepresents scientific studies of sex and gender (7/21/03)
Jake Rich Popular WMBR disc jockey reports on his recent transition from Deb to Jake, and listener response as "Debbie Does Dallas" becomes "Jake's Juke Joint" (6/30/03)
Calpernia Addams Transsexual whose romance with murdered soldier Barry Winchell has been made into a movie adaptation titled "A Soldier's Girl" (6/9/03)
Melissa Regan Director and creator of the award-winning short documentary film "No dumb Questions," about three young girls whose uncle is becoming their aunt (6/2/03)
Josh Silver Managing director of Free Press, on consequences of the upcoming FCC decision on the proposed relaxation of media ownership rules (5/19/03)
Inja Coates Co-founder and director of Media Tank, on efforts to fight the impending changes to the rules of media ownership (5/19/03)
John DeVito Film scholar who has partnered with a local film critic to teach a course on Transgender Cimena in Cambridge (4/21/03)
Noelle Howey Author of "Dress Codes" and daughter of a man who changed his sex, shares some of her criticisms of the HBO film "Normal" (3/24/03)
Tina Sievers Transsexual advisor to the HBO film drama "Normal" which portrays the experience of a married couple whose male half comes out as a transsexual woman. (3/17/03)
Jim Potter Author of "The 11 Myths of Media Violence," on the effects of violence in the media and what we can do about it. (3/10/03)
Andrea Holley Human Rights Watch Director of Outreach and Public Education and manager of their International Film Festival, on a few good documentary films (1/27/03)
Zach Nataf Director of the first International Transgender Film Festival in 1997, on representations of transgenderism in the media (1/20/03)
Pam Goldstein Longtime listener and WMBR contributor interviews the GenderTalk crew (5/27/02)
Joelle Legassé Of TGirl magazine, a web mag out of Toronto (4/29/02)
David Barsamian author and host of "Alternative Radio", on "The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting" (3/18/02)
Michael Wilke Director of the Commercial Closet, on GLBT depictions on television and in print commercial ads (1/28/02)
Jane Caputi Leading radical feminist professor and author on gender, terrorism, and recent events (10/29/01)
Gail Dines The fight against the toxic and degrading messages to women and girls that dominate the media (10/22/01)
Larry Gross Author & media critic on GLBT media presence from the '50s to today (9/24/01)
Julie Wyman Producer of "A Boy Named Sue" documentary on transman and partner (4/30/01)
Jean Kilbourne Renowned media critic on the connection between advertising and the way that we feel (4/16/01)
Nick Adams GLAAD entertainment media manager on trans people in media (4/9/01)
Larry Gross GLBT and Trans presence in American media (4/2/01)
Julia Query &
Vicky Funari
Producers of "Live Nude Girls Unite," on an effort to unionize strippers (2/19/01)
Zack Stratis His musical film, "Could Be Worse," on family & being gay (2/5/01)
Kate Davis Her documentary, "Southern Comfort", about FTM Robert Eads (1/15/01)
Cynthia Channel-T, the trans video web site (10/16/00)
Steve Hocker The effects of transpersons on television (8/14/00)
Bonnie Morris On lesbian characters in film and her novel "Girl Reel" (6/19/00)
Chris Diani Host of the GAYBC morning show discusses popular culture (6/12/00)
[Name removed by request] Transman, filmmaker, and sex-positive educator (4/17/00)
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