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John DeVito, film scholar who has partnered with a local film critic to teach a course on Transgender Cimena in Cambridge

Dr. Napewastewin, Native American transperson, on how trans- and homophobia have struck too close to home, resulting in the deportation of the woman she wants to marry.

" Hollywood does not have a very good track record, unfortunately, on its depiction of transgendered people."
- John DeVito

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Gordene's mom and sisters
• Decent bread and frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
• Entrepreunial responsibility
• Senator Santorum's homophobia
12:12 Question of the Week.
" I'm a young College student transie. I'm in the closet or "stealth" as it is more commonly referred to. Some other internet transies whom I don't know are being really mean and are outing me to my friends! They made a webpage outing me and wrote on several bulletin boards over the internet where many of my real life friends post. I already had to discontinue contact with a lot of my friends and drop out of a sport I like because my privacy is important to me and this is not something I want them knowing (if not for my own safety, then for social reasons). I don't know these people and they only know of me through hearsay. The reason they do this is two fold: First, they don't like my views of "stealthism". Secondly, they think I'm really prejudiced... against other transies. (I'm not by the way.) They feel I don't have a right to remain stealth. Is there anything I can do other than hope no one reads their pages? I definitely don't want to draw more attention to this if at all possible. "
(from: Anonymous)
22:30 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
38:29 Transgenderism has often been brought to focus in the world on film, sometimes with flattering portraits, other times with fearsome depictions. In a wide-ranging conversation, we review many of the more noteworthy trans representations in film over the past few decades with John DeVito, who will be co-teaching a course on "Transgender Cinema" at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

John is a film scholar and illustrator.

For more information:
• Course listing for Transgender Cinema at CCAE
• Cambridge Center for Adult Education at
63:21 Special Message
63:43 Boston area (and national) announcements
Trans- and homophobia are alive and well in Montana, as reported by our guest, Dr. Napewastewin. She tells of a story in "The Missoulean" about a transwoman named Jennifer who died after being thrown from the back of a truck, and of how her own partner, Karin Frederiksen, was recently deported by officials she characterizes as homophobic.

Napewastewin is a Native American transactivist who has a Ph.D in psychology and anthropology. She lived for years in northern Europe where she had a clinical practice providing therapeutic services to transpersons. She currently has a horse ranch in Montana, and transports horses internationally.

Karin Frederiksen
88:01 End
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