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Alexander Rasmussen 19-year-old transman, on being beaten up for the simple fact of being (12/3/05)
Ariel Herrera National field director and director of GLBT field organizing for Amnesty International, on the recent Amnesty report on police violence against the GLBT community (10/1/05)
Kim Stankovich A trans woman in Spokane, Washington, who was jailed for failure to pay child support, talks about how her transsexuality was used against her, and support she received from other activists. Also Chrissa, a friend of Kim, on the local Spokane scene and the unmet needs of young trans persons (8/6/05)
Michelle Bruce The first transgender councilwoman in the State of Georgia, on what it is like being transgender in the Bible Belt and how she is fighting discrimination, personally and publicly (9/6/04)
Lauren Lipscomb Talks, with hir partner Charlie, about hir transition and how it affected legal proceedings for custody of hir gender-questioning child (7/05/04)
Jill Weiss Transgender lawyer and graduate student, on anti-trans discrimination at Northeastern University (7/21/03)
Dr. Napewastewin Native American transperson, on how trans- and homophobia have struck too close to home, resulting in the deportation of the woman she wants to marry (4/21/03)
Peter & Shirley Oiler On the aftermath of his firing by Winn-Dixie and the court judgement against him. (3/10/03)
Alejandro Marcel Former director of Boston's Transgender Education Network, on problems created by John Shope and the BVNA for those attempting to do outreach work with transpersons (2/3/03)
John Shope Bay Village Neighborhood Association president, on problems that Jacque's, Boston's leading tranny bar, creates for it's neighbors (2/3/03)
Melissa Hart Author of a book about her experience as a child taken from her loving mother by a court of law solely because her mother is lesbian (11/25/02)
Alexandria Tucker Her nightmarish tale of being assaulted, then arrested and incarcerated for two years when falsely accused of perpetrating the assault (9/16/02)
Charlie Fernandez On the Colin Higgins Foundation Courage Awards for those who have shown the utmost grace and courage in the face of overwhelming hostility and hate (5/13/02)
Dean Spade FTM transsexual lawyer arrested for trying to use a men's restroom in NYC's Grand Central Station (4/8/02)
Tim Bergling On the phenomenon which he discusses in his groundbreaking new book, "Sissyphobia." (1/21/02)
Gary Johnson &
Joanna Rasmussen
Gary's harassment and firing on the job, and their lawsuit response (3/19/01)
Sherry & Paul Lipscomb On losing custody of their trans child (8/28/00)
Christie Lee Littleton How a Texas court invalidated her marriage (8/7/00)
Li Anne Taft Fighting for the right to compete on a woman's canoe team. (5/29/00)
Tonye Barreto-Neto TS cop on unfairly incarcerated TS Dee Farmer (2/7/00)
Dana Rivers Trannsexual teacher forced out of her job in California (12/6/99)
Kimberly Pierce Writer and director of the movie about Brandon Teena, "Boys Don't Cry" (10/25/99)
Debra Davis TS activist, radio host & high-school librarian, on the legal attack against her right to use the ladies' bathroom (9/20/99)
Michelle Hendricks Transsexual high school teacher forced to retire after a complaint (3/25/98)
Daphne Scholinski Daphne Scholinski, author of "The Last Time I Wore A Dress" on her incarceration because of her gender (10/22/97)
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