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Alexandria Tucker tells her nightmarish tale of being assaulted, then arrested and incarcerated for two years when she is falsely accused of perpetrating the assault

Jake Rich, popular radio disk jockey and emerging transman, on changing his name

" I'm a gender terrorist, because I have a mind, and because I'm speaking what I feel. "
- Alexandria Tucker

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
• Hal's heart & health
• Tonight's program
• Massachusetts' female candidate for governor
12:39 Question of the Week
" It's not that hard on the internet these days to set up an other-sexed identity, and 'pass' rather convincingly. I wonder what thoughts you might have about this kind of thing. It's so much easier to be "out" about things like being differently gendered in the comparative anonymity of the net than it is in person. "
(from: Dick, Boston area)
20:08 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
36:43 Boston area (and national) announcements
40:52 It's a harrowing tale of false arrest, physical abuse and unjust incarceration. Canadian transwoman Alexandria Tucker was arrested for assault after her lover's ex-husband assaulted her. Montana police denied her access to a lawyer and physically assaulted her, then she was incarcerated for two years after being talked into a phony plea bargain.
Alexandria is suing the "United States, the state of Montana, and various civil and state for damages in the largest civil complaint by an individual in US history."

For more information:
• Visit Alexandria's web site about her case at
73:12 Special Message
74:20 The host of WMBR's popular "Debbie Does Dallas" country and western music program, known to most as Deb Rich, is in the process of making a few changes. Jake Rich talks about his current explorations into a change of name, and the response of the people in his life.
89:01 End
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