2000 Programs

Program Length: ~90 minutes

  • GenderTalk 287: (12/04/00):
    Lauren & Genita McGonagle talk about Lauren’s bigenderism and their relationship
    Bobbi Williams/George Wilkerson talks about his new book, “Me & Bobbi & the Gyrls”
    Jennifer Levi tells us about two new groundbreaking trans-affirming court and human rights rulings
  • GenderTalk 286: (11/27/00):
    Kathleen and Diana Hester, mother and sister of murdered transsexual Rita Hester, mourn their loss
    Gwen Smith speaks about the origin of and activites on the Day of Remembrance
    Janis Walworth, author of “Transsexual Workers: An Employment Guide”, briefs us on transsexual employment issues
  • GenderTalk 285: (11/20/00):
    Valerie Red-Horse, award winning motion picture and television producer, telling contemporary Native American stories of empowerment
    Moonanum James, United American Indians of New England organizer, on the National Day of Mourning in Plymouth and Clinton’s commitment to Leonard Peltier
  • GenderTalk 284: (11/13/00):
    Barbara Gottfried, professor and activist, on the disturbing — and growing — exploitation of university professors
    Chuck Garabedian, lead singer for the glam-rock all-drag band Temptress
  • GenderTalk 283: (11/06/00):
    Veronica Vera, dean of the “Finishing School for Boys Who Want to be Girls”, on crossdressing and fantasy
    Anne Casebeer, board member for the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, on NTAC and the trans community
  • GenderTalk 282: (10/30/00):
    Jennifer Peterson, transsexual witch, on the meaning of Halloween
    Miqqi Gilbert, “out” cross-dresser and professor of philosophy, on the politics of cross-dressing
    Noam Chomsky, world renowned Scholar and Activist, on world politics and his new book “Rogue States: The Rule of force in World Affairs”
  • GenderTalk 281: (10/23/00):
    The ACLU’s Jennifer Middleton tells us about the case she filed in federal court on behalf of a man in Louisiana who was fired because he crossdresses at home
    Amy Schutzer, author of the beautiful and imaginative lesbian novel “Undertow”
  • GenderTalk 280: (10/16/00):
    Attorney Jennifer Levi on a court decision affirming the right of a trans-identified youth to wear clothing appropriate to her gender identity at school
    Barbara Wilson, award-winning Lesbian author and activist, talks about her latest mystery novel
    Cynthia, founder and producer of channel-T, a video website presenting grass roots transsexual and transgender video productions
  • GenderTalk 279: (10/9/00):
    Laetitia Kore, West African singer, poet and actress, on how her art rescued her from homelessness
    Fedelia Cross from the Pine Ridge Reservation, on Leonard Peltier and a new school to teach Lakota language and culture
  • GenderTalk 278: (10/2/00):
    Imani Henry, FTM transactivist of color, on anti-racist, pro-GLBT, collaborative protest efforts
    Alyson Meiselman, attorney for Christie Littleton, on the Supreme Court rejection and its implications
  • GenderTalk 277: (9/25/00):
    Siobhan Somerville, author of a new book titled “Queering the Color Line: Race and the Invention of Homosexuality in American Culture”
    Riki Anne Wilchins, along with Lesbian Avengers Gunner and Kate, talk about the Michigan Women’s Music Festival and Camp Trans 2000
  • GenderTalk 276: (9/18/00):
    All about “Male Lust: Pleasure, Power and Transformation:
    Kerwin Kay, editor of this groundbreaking work, exposes some little-discussed complexities of male lust
    Steven Hill talks about how stereotypes propagate gender enslavement
    Eliyahou Farajaje’ talks about the erotic & sacred, and how race affects the dominant culture’s view of these
  • GenderTalk 275: (9/11/00):
    Mark Narens, attorney for Sherry and Paul Lipscomb, reports on their struggle to regain custody of their trans child
    David Barsamian, producer and host of the widely respected progressive talk show “Alternative Radio”
  • GenderTalk 274: (9/04/00):
    Ted Glick, progressive social activist and author of “Future Hope: A Winning Strategy for a Just Society”
    Noelle Howey, daughter of transperson and co-editor of “Out of the Ordinary: Essays on Growing up with Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Parents”
  • GenderTalk 273: (8/28/00):
    Sherry & Paul Lipscomb tell the story of how their 6-year-old trans daughter was taken from them by a transphobic state agency
    Randi Barnabee, attorney and transsexual, tells of the legal actions taken and underway on behalf of the Lipscombs
  • GenderTalk 272: (8/21/00):
    Rikki Swin, founder of the richest institute endowed to benefit transpersons
    Jane Fee, transgender activist and the first openly transgender delegate to the Democratic National Convention
    Kylar Broadus, FTM Stonewall Democrat, on Al Gore, the Democratic Party, and the GLBT community
  • GenderTalk 271: (8/14/00):
    Monica Helms, transgender activist, about NGLTF’s “Creating Change” and TG victim memorial “Day of Rememberance”
    Steve Hocker, gender activist, on his research into how representations of transpersons on TV affect our feelings about identity and community
  • GenderTalk 270: (8/7/00):
    Patrick Horrigan, talks about growing up gay and coming of age and to terms with himself in the dazzling light of the Movie screen.
    Christie Lee Littleton, the transsexual woman who was told by a Texas court that a woman is defined by her chromosomes and that she is a man, tells the story in her own words.
  • GenderTalk 269: (7/31/00):
    Paisley Currah, co-author of the new “Transgender Equality” handbook
    Patrick Califia Rice, now-FTM therapist, parent, and queer sex radical author of the re-released “Public Sex”
  • GenderTalk 268: (7/24/00):
    Shawn Hayward, Vermont native, with a disturbing report on response to the new Civil Union legislation
    Karen Kerin, the first openly transsexual woman to run for a seat in the US House of Representatives
    John Grebe, one of the organizers of Boston’s Independent Media Center, on mushrooming media activism
  • GenderTalk 267: (7/17/00):
    Lynn Conway, renowned transsexual computer scientist, on coming out and helping out
    Marijane Meaker, pioneering author of young adult novels that include GLBT issues
  • GenderTalk 266: (7/10/00):
    Daviko Marcel, transman and executive director of Boston’s Transgender Education Network, on ground breaking research towards better health care for trans persons
    Michael Morrill, organizer of the upcoming “Unity 2000 March” in Philadelphia during the Republican National Convention
  • GenderTalk 265: (7/03/00):
    Andrea Uehara, a WMBR contributor and transsexual who is transitioning at her job at a food cooperative
    Lori Buckwalter, the executive director of “It’s Time Oregon,” working with sexual minorities and the Portland Police on a transgender inmate guide
    Drew Campbell, FTM transsexual and author of “The Bride Wore Black Leather…..and He Looked Fabulous”
  • GenderTalk 264: (6/26/00):
    Stephanie Vanin, founder and former director of the TG support organization Connecticut Outreach Society
    Diana Russell, renowned defender of women who is leading a boycott against a sex slave trafficker
  • GenderTalk 263: (6/19/00):
    Bonnie Morris, author of “Girl Reel,” a book about lesbian characters in film and how they inform and help shape the identity of queer girls
    Poet and gender rebel Shawn Hayward shares some of hir poems and gender journeys
  • GenderTalk 262: (6/12/00):
    Diane CourvantEmi Koyama, the Survivor Project (helping trans & intersex survivors of domestic violence) and the transfeminist anthology
    Chris Diani, executive producer of GAYBC Radio and host of “GAYBC Today”, on popular culture
  • GenderTalk 261: (6/5/00):
    Chris Bohjalian, whose novel “Trans-Sister Radio” broaches transgender love to a mainstream audience
    Riki Anne Wilchins, GenderPAC executive director, on the recent – and exciting – Lobby Days results
  • GenderTalk 260: (5/29/00):
    Harriett Woods, former Missouri Lieutenant Governor and author of “Stepping up to Power: the Political Journey of American Women,”
    Li Anne Taft, Hawaiian transwoman who has been fighting for her right to compete as paddler on a woman’s canoe team.
  • GenderTalk 259: (5/22/00):
    Jennifer Levi, attorney for GLAD, on a transgender court victory and more
    Alsion Phipps on “PCfreeTG”, an online support group for FTM TGs and their friends femme and butch
  • GenderTalk 258: (5/15/00):
    Calpurnia Adams, on the murder of her boyfriend, private Barry Winchell
    Marcia Deihl, longtime activist, on spirituality and bisexuality
  • GenderTalk 257: (5/08/00): A Special Tribute to Trannie Music:
    Georgie Jessup, hardrocking transsexual musician and activist for Native American rights
    Jessica Xavier, longtime leading transactivist and musician, on her trans music
  • GenderTalk 256: (5/01/00):
    Virginia Stephenson, on being gender-fluid and the politics of transgenderism
    Shelley Bindon, editor of the Lambda Book Report, on the 2000 Lambda Literary Award nominees
  • GenderTalk 255: (4/24/00):
    Minnie Bruce Pratt, gender and anti-racist activist, poet and luminary, talks about how she got involved in anti-racist activism.
    Sylvia Durand talks about her experience as the first transsexual to transition within the Canadian military.
  • GenderTalk 254: (4/17/00):
    Minnie Bruce Pratt, on Mumia Abu Jamal and the upcoming support event in NYC
    [name removed by request], transman, filmmaker, and sex-positive educator.
    Gwendolyn Mink, author of “Hostile Environment: The Political Betrayal of Sexually Harassed Women”
  • GenderTalk 253: (4/10/00):
    Mia Anderson, producer/director of “Drag Kings, Sluts & Goddesses,” on gender, race, and her theatre production.
    Phyllis Frye, on how the Texas Littleton vs. Prange court ruling is badly flawed and will adversely affect hundreds of thousands of people
  • GenderTalk 252: (4/3/00):
    Brian Peters, the High School Junior from Oregon who was sent home for wearing a dress to school
    Mel White, on Christianity and being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered
  • GenderTalk 251: (3/27/00):
    Tonye Baretto-Neto with update on TS incarcerate Dee Farmer
    Bill Lippert, Vermont state representative, on the Vermont “civil union” bill
    Catherine Manegold on race, gender, and Shannon Faulkner’s struggle to attend The Citadel
  • GenderTalk 250: (3/20/00):
    Naomi Barbee, African American transactivist and writer, & Steve Hocker, scholar and activist studying TG representations on television, on issues facing transpersons of color.
    [name removed by request], activist and writer, on intersexuality and her own mis-treatment by the psychohormonal research unit at Johns Hopkins in the ’70s.
  • GenderTalk 249: (3/13/00):
    Karen Mass, the activist TS who asked presidential candidate Al Gore what he would do for the rights of transgendered persons.
    Christian de la Huerta, radio host, Qspirit founder, and author of “Coming out Spiritually”.
  • GenderTalk 248: (3/06/00):
    A special extended visit with Anne Fausto-Sterling, biologist, science historian, and author of “Sexing the Body: GenderPolitics and the Construction of Sexuality”
  • GenderTalk 247: (2/28/00):
    Naomi Tucker, editor of “Bisexual Politics Theories, Queries, & Visions”, on her view of bisexual politics
    John Colapinto, author of “As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl”, on John Money’s subversion of individual gender
  • GenderTalk 246: (2/21/00):
    Gwen Smith, cyberspace transactivist, on spinning webs that fill transgender community needs
    Gina Chiapa, co-ordinator of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, on the case, the FBI, and prospects for fairness.
  • GenderTalk 245: (2/14/00): Special Focus on Relationships:
    Linda & Cynthia Phillips on dealing with the personal transgender issues in their relationship
    Jane Ellen & Mary Fairfax, on how trans issues enhance their relationship, and their work with cross dressers and their families
  • GenderTalk 244: (2/7/00):
    Noel Lewis on help for battered lesbians
    Tonye Barreto-Neto on unfairly incarcerated TS Dee Farmer
    Judith/Jack Halberstam, on “Female Masculinity”
  • GenderTalk 243: (1/31/00):
    Jeremy Pittman of the Massachusetts GLBT Political Alliance about pending domestic partnership legislation
    David Ebershoff, author of “The Danish Girl,” a fiction based on the life of the transwoman who received the first sex-change surgery
  • GenderTalk 242: (1/24/00):
    Listeners (and WMBR donors) Giselle Rein & Susan Otis turn the tables on the GenderTalk crew and interview Nancy, Gordene, Hal, Karen and Amana.
  • GenderTalk 241: (1/17/00):
    Jonel Peterson, crossdresser extraordinaire and Tiffany Club President
    Angela Warous & Carole Honeychurch, authors of “After the Breakup: Women Sort Through the Rubble and Rebuild Lives of New Possibilities”
  • GenderTalk 240: (1/10/00):
    Hosted by Hal & Karen, while Nancy & Gordene are on vacation:
    Gloria Carol’s Crossing Boundaries radio documentary about transgenderism
  • GenderTalk 239: (1/03/00):
    Jamison Green, leading FTM transactivist and writer on legal and international trans issues
    Paul Harris, writer and editor of “Queer Press Guide 2000” on GLBT media