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Stephanie Vanin, founder and former director of the TG support organization Connecticut Outreach Society

Diana Russell, renowned defender of women who is leading a boycott against a sex slave trafficker

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00:00 Introduction
13:46 Question of the Week
21:08 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
35:42 Stephanie Vanin, one of the founders, the first executive director and the current outreach director of the Connecticut Outreach Society, talks with us about her life as a tranny woman and some of her observations about the way she is treated as a woman. She talks about the organization and raising public consciousness on TG issues, and about being "out" versus not hiding. She also talks about her family and, briefly, about her furniture restoration business.
62:30 Special Message
63:00 Boston area (and some national) announcements
67:13 Diana Russell, internationally renowned scholar, author and speaker who has dedicated her life to stopping violence against women. Author of "Making Violence Sexy", "The Secret Trauma: Incest in the Lives of Girls and Women" which won the most prestigious award in sociology, and "Sexual Exploitation: Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, and Workplace Harassment". Diana speaks to us about a boycott compaign she is involved with against a restaurant owner who trafficks in young East Indian sexual slaves.
62 year old Mr. Bali Reddy, owner of the Pasand restaurant, was arrested after an east Indian girl died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Nov. of 1999. He had obtained Canti Prattipati and at least two other young girls from their poverty stricken parents, then falsified documents to smuggle them into the US where he used them as sex slaves and forced them to work in his restaurant, to clean and paint buildings he owned. He is currently free on 10 million dollars bail.
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
89:52 End
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