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Jenn Burleton Trans activist talks about a new political advocacy group working to raise awareness about challenges facing gender variant kids and their families (9/9/06)
Kim and Shawn
Mom and trans son share their experiences around his transition and their advocacy efforts (9/9/06)
Sarah, Ruth & Paul Nangeroni Nancy's niece and two (of 7) siblings, chat with us about unusual aspects of their lives (7/22/06)
Mikayla Howden Director of TS Haven House in Penacook, NH, on the public splash she made with an AP article about her same-sex marriage, and her newfound occupation (6/3/06)
Jeremy Pittman Deputy Campaign Director of MassEquality, on the upcoming constitutional convention and the current battle to defend marriage equality in Massachusetts (4/29/06)
Loree Cook-Daniels Founding executive director of the Transgender Aging Network (TAN) and the American Society of Adult Abuse Professionals and Survivors (ASAAPS) (12/17/05)
Amber Hollibaugh Senior strategist for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, on the recent White House Conference on Aging's exclusion of GLBT concerns (12/17/05)
Susie, Tim, and their trans daughter Jackie On their trip to Boston to obtain medical care for Jackie that they were refused in England (12/3/05)
Kim Stankovich A trans woman in Spokane, Washington, who was jailed for failure to pay child support, talks about how her transsexuality was used against her, and support she received from other activists. Also Chrissa, a friend of Kim, on the local Spokane scene and the unmet needs of young trans persons (8/6/05)
Marshall Miller Co-founder of the Alternatives to Marriage Project, on what's happening to domestic partnership rights in the wake of the national turmoil over gay marriage (12/27/04)
Maureen Sullivan Author of "The Family of Woman: Lesbian Mothers, Their Children, and the Undoing of Gender", on her study of more than 30 lesbian families and the role of gender in their lives (9/6/04)
Sharon O'Brien Director of American Studies at Dickinson College, on depression, inheritance, and how we are shaped by the past (8/2/04)
Lauren Lipscomb Talks, with hir partner Charlie, about hir transition and how it affected legal proceedings for custody of hir gender-questioning child (7/05/04)
Gail & Betsy
Social justice activists and devoted partners talk with us on the first day of legal "gender-blind" (AKA Same-Sex) marriage in Massachusetts about their upcoming wedding and the politics of gender-blind marriage. (5/17/04)
Arline Isaacson Co-chair of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus and a lead lobbyist on behalf of the GLBT community, on the Massachusetts struggle for same-sex marriage rights (3/15/04)
Julia Rubingh &
Evelien Snel
A married couple who split up as Evelien transitioned to living as a woman, then later reunited, discuss their evolving relationship (2/23/04)
Sue O'Connell Co-publisher of the GLBT newspaper "Bay Windows", on the gay marriage issue and local media coverage of the state constitutional debate (2/16/04)
David Moats Pulitzer prize winner for his editorials in support of same-sex unions, on the battle for gay marriage (1/19/04)
Anne Stanback President of 'Love Makes a Family', a Connecticut coalition working to expand the state marriage laws to include same-sex couples (11/3/03)
Molly Hurley Moran Author of "Finding Susan", about the murder of her sister in 1994, leading to her advocacy for victims of domestic violence (10/13/03)
Harlyn Aizley Her new book relates some of the trials and tribulations she encountered in her odyssey towards lesbian parenting (7/14/03)
Noelle Howey Author of "Dress Codes" and daughter of a man who changed his sex, shares some of her criticisms of the HBO film "Normal" (3/24/03)
Dorian Solot &
Marshall Miller
Founders of the Alternatives to Marriage project, on difficulties faced by couples who elect to not get married (1/13/03)
Gretchen Hamm "Mother of A Bride", on supporting gay and lesbian marriage, including that of her daughter (7/29/02)
Chris Howey Transsexual father of Noelle Howey, whose book revealed both his unflattering past and the daughter's newfound love for her father as a woman (6/24/02)
Noelle Howey On losing the dad she didn't like, and gaining the transsexual father she loves. (6/17/02)
Noelle Howey Growing up with Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Parents (9/4/00)
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