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Cole Thaler, Lambda Legal's national transgender rights attorney, on a pending lawsuit by two trans prisoners in Wisconsin to obtain appropriate medical care

Jeremy Pittman, Deputy Campaign Director of MassEquality, on the upcoming constitutional convention and the current battle to defend marriage equality in Massachusetts

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00:00 Introduction
  • Nancy's Medication mixup
  • Movie: Breakfast on Pluto
  • Television: "24" and other addictions
09:33 Raving Raven
  • Goose Story
  • Aesop's Fable: The Fox and the Crow
  • Raven's Veganism
15:18 Gender News
  • Silicone injection murder conviction overturned
  • Queer Latinos rally against racism
  • Lesbian soldier endures harassment under threat of outing
  • Gay rights activists detained at West Point protest
  • EU court rules in favor of TS pension rights claim
  • Study shows gay-bashing continues unabated
  • 3 states consider calling for Bush impeachment
  • May 1 to be "Day Without Immigrants"
  • '06 Federal Budget bill never legally passed
  • City of Somerville seeking GLBT liaison
38:28 Noah Adams tells us about a Trans Cycling Odyssey to celebrate the life of Alexandria Tucker, a friend and transwoman who took her own life April 14th, 2005. The pair aim to bike across Canada this summer, presenting workshops to promote transgender awareness and suicide prevention.
44:13 Question of the Week

"If we have Mexican Americans, and Asian Americans, and African Americans in our country, would we be considered Transamericans?"
(From: Hope)

55:01 Evelien's Diary, entry 38: "Smoking"

Evelien's website:

62:09 All prisoners are entitled to humane treatment, which includes appropriate medical care. In Wisconsin, two prisoners are suing the state because their established trans medical care has been cut off by the state. Cole Thaler, Lambda Legal's national transgender rights attorney, fills us in on this important case, end explores some of the underlying issues with us.

Cole works solely on matters that directly affect the transgender community. His work also includes education, outreach and policy advocacy on behalf of all members of the transgender community.

In the Sundstrom v. Frank case discussed, a third plaintiff, Lindsey Blackwell, has now been added.

91:06 The GenderTalk Calendar
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96:17 Same-sex marriage is an issue that arguably affects all persons, posing a challenge to sex and gender segregation and oppression. In Massachusetts, the storm continues, with an upcoming constitutional convention to vote on a petition to place a constitutional same-sex marriage prohibition on the 2008 ballot. Jeremy Pittman, Deputy Campaign Director of MassEquality, a coalition to protect the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's decision on marriage equality and to defeat any discriminatory amendment to the Massachusetts state constitution, elaborates on the ongoing struggle.
119:10 End
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