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Mara Keisling Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, on the demise of the 'stealth' option for transgenders (9/2/06)
Richard Juang Independent scholar and co-chair of the National Center for Transgender Equality Advisory Board, and co-editor of Transgender Rights (8/26/06)
Shannon Price Minter Legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights and a founding board member of the Transgender Law and Policy Institute, and co-editor of Transgender Rights (8/26/06)
Paisley Currah Associate director of political science at Brooklyn College, executive director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center, and a founding board member of the Transgender Law and Policy Institute, and co-editor of Transgender Rights (8/26/06)
Victoria Willow A transwoman recently emerged from living in stealth for over 20 years, now working to open a transsexual shelter in Mississippi (8/19/06)
Andrea Smith Author of "Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide", on violence against Native Americans and activism that addresses the true source of such problems (8/12/06)
Alex & Anya FtM transsexual & Queer project organizer, live from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on the situation for transfolk there (8/5/06)
Emily Metcalfe Trans poet and activist, talks about a new trans support group, and reads some of her poetry (7/22/06)
Georgina Beyer 3rd-term New Zealand MP, native-born Mauri and the first known transgender person ever elected to national office, on her life story and key legislative initiatives (5/20/06)
Jeremy Pittman Deputy Campaign Director of MassEquality, on the upcoming constitutional convention and the current battle to defend marriage equality in Massachusetts (4/29/06)
Monica Roberts Trans activist, author, and co-founder of the Transsistahs and Transbrothas Conference, on racism and African-Americans in the transgender community (4/15/06)
Dan Hunt Co-producer of a new documentary film "Cruel and Unusual" that reveals the merciless entrapment of transgender individuals at the intersection of our gender and penal systems (4/1/06)
Olga Vives Action Vice President of the National Organization for Women, on the threats to individual rights posed by the Alito Supreme Court nomination (1/14/06)
Mara Keisling Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, on national trans gains and directions for transgender political activism (1/7/06)
Pauline Park Chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy, on the closing of a GLBT prison facility, and Hillary Clinton's queer politics (1/7/06)
Amber Hollibaugh Senior strategist for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, on the recent White House Conference on Aging's exclusion of GLBT concerns (12/17/05)
Loree Cook-Daniels Founding executive director of the Transgender Aging Network (TAN) and the American Society of Adult Abuse Professionals and Survivors (ASAAPS) (12/17/05)
Transgender Day of Remembrance Nancy Nangeroni & Ethan St. Pierre discuss the origins of the observance and current day realities (11/19/05)
Sunil Pant Director of the Blue Diamond Society, Nepal's only organization advocating for the rights of sexual minorities in a country ruled by autocracy (11/12/05)
Dee Dee Chamblee Founder of a shelter for Trans and GLB persons in Atlanta (10/29/05)
Lisa Mottet Trans legal eagle for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, on the status of federal hate crime protections for transgenders, and state & local legislative gains in 2005 (10/15/05)
Moonhawk River Stone Former board chair of the International Foundation for Gender Education and a psychotherapist specializing in LGBT concerns, on issues supporting the elimination of Gender Identity Disorder as a psychiatric diagnosis (10/8/05)
Ariel Herrera National field director and director of GLBT field organizing for Amnesty International, on the recent Amnesty report on police violence against the GLBT community (10/1/05)
Danny Kirchoff Manager of Equality California's transgender equality project, on EQCA's work towards same-sex marriage (9/24/05)
Deanne Matte Canadian feminist activist, on the Women's Global Charter for Humanity and the upcoming day of feminist solidarity (9/3/05)
Dallas Denny Transgender Tapestry editor and longtime trans community commentator, on her upcoming run for office, Fantasia Fair, and more (8/13/05)
Deeg Gold Queer advocacy: What is really worth working for? Have we lost our way? A compelling critique of assimilationism (7/30/05)
Monica Helms President of the Transgender American Veteran's Association on why they exist, what they hope to accomplish, and about their upcoming march in Washington, DC (4/30/05)
Tami Starlight Vancouver-based Canadian trans activist, on issues affecting trans persons "north of the border" (4/16/05)
Kelli Burkinshaw New Mexican State field director for "Basic Rights New Mexico" (which defeated an effort to repeal GLBT protections), on the defeat of 2005 NM DOMA legislation (3/19/05)
Paisley Currah Executive director for the Center for Lesbian And Gay Studies at New York University, on their upcoming conference on Trans Politics, Social Change and Justice (2/26/05)
Holly Ryan Public services trainer and consultant on behalf of trans persons, on homelessness and related problems suffered by the transgender population (2/14/05)
Mara Keisling Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, on some of the good things for transgender persons that have happened over the past year (12/27/04)
Morwen Madrigal New Orleans-based transgender activist, on her work on behalf of trans community (12/6/04)
Mark Leno California State Assemblyman and a leading advocate for LGBT-protective legislation on a transgender health care access hearing (11/22/04)
Hesay Vincent French trans activist, reports on the first-ever French trans summit meeting in Paris (10/04/04)
Wayne Besen Columnist and author, on unmasking the scandals and lies behind the ex-gay myth (7/19/04)
Mara Kiesling Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality and member of John Kerry's LGBT steering committee, on trans-inclusion in anti-harassment legislation, and the democratic party platform (7/12/04)
Mary Marcel Researcher, author and professor, on what will be the largest sex discrimination class action lawsuit ever to be brought in the US, by women employees against retail giant Wal-Mart (6/21/04)
Christopher Labonte The Human Rights Campaign's deputy Director for Legislation, on transgender inclusion in future federal empoyment non-discrimination legilsation (5/24/04)
Gail & Betsy Leondar-Wright Social justice activists and devoted partners talk with us on the first day of legal "gender-blind" (AKA Same-Sex) marriage in Massachusetts about their upcoming wedding and the politics of gender-blind marriage. (5/17/04)
Rosalyn Forrester Co-founder of Canadian Transexuals Fight For Rights, on her activism and the Transsexual Day of Pride (5/10/04)
Ethan St. Pierre & Karen Martin On the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition's lobbying effort and a TS Menace demonstration against the Human Rights Campaign (5/3/04)
Imani Henry Transman, writer, activist and performance artist, on theatre, activism, and intersections between the two (4/5/04)
Paige Bradley Frost Development director and spokesperson for NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, on the status of struggles around some of the leading women's issues today (3/29/04)
Arline Isaacson Co-chair of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus and a lead lobbyist on behalf of the GLBT community, on the Massachusetts struggle for same-sex marriage rights (3/15/04)
Kate Bornstein &
Gail Leondar-Wright
On the ongoing controversy over the Lambda Literary Foundation's award nomination of a transphobic book (3/1/04)
Sue O'Connell Co-publisher of the GLBT newspaper "Bay Windows", on the gay marriage issue and local media coverage of the state constitutional debate (2/16/04)
Jim Marks Lambda Literary Foundation director, responds to complaints about his organization's nomination of a trans-stigmatizing book for an award (2/9/04)
Christine Burns Longtime transgender activist and government policy advisor, on legislative changes affecting transgender persons in the UK (2/2/04)
James MacGregor Halleman Transgender activist and 4th generation steel worker, on transgender employment issues and his own experience of discrimination in the workplace (2/2/04)
Mara Keisling Executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, on the most pressing issues on the national trans activism agenda (1/19/04)
David Moats Pulitzer prize winner for his editorials in support of same-sex unions, on the battle for gay marriage (1/19/04)
Monica Helms &
Angela Brightfeather
Transactivist co-founders of the Transgender American Veterans Association, on their reasons, purpose and plans (12/29/03)
[name reomved by request] Transgender activist, on queer organizing in a San Francisco college environment (11/24/03)
Anne Stanback President of 'Love Makes a Family', a Connecticut coalition working to expand the state marriage laws to include same-sex couples (11/3/03)
Gwen Smith San Francisco transactivist who created the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, on violence against transgender persons (10/27/03)
Gunner Scott Boston area transactivist whose ButchDykeBoy website is one of Boston's leading resources for the young trans and FTM communities (10/27/03)
Molly Hurley Moran Author of "Finding Susan", about the murder of her sister in 1994, leading to her advocacy for victims of domestic violence (10/13/03)
Eleanor Smeal Feminist Majority Foundation president, on the FMF and the current state of abortion rights and activism (9/29/03)
Pearl Cleage Popular black feminist author whose new book considers the effects of the participation of black women in political leadership (9/29/03)
Geoffrey Kors Executive director of Equality California, on recent legislation protecting the rights and fair treatment of GLBT citizens (9/22/03)
Shelly Prevost Independent film maker and video activist, on the aftermath of Gwen Araujo’s murder and her short film Isn’t It Obvious (8/11/03)
Jill Weiss Transgender lawyer and graduate student, on anti-trans discrimination at Northeastern University (7/21/03)
Jill Weiss Transgender lawyer and graduate student studying Human Resource policies regarding trans persons in workplace, on current trends in the employment of transpersons (7/14/03)
Andrea James Former advertising writer who has now committed her skills to promoting the healthy depiction and well-being of the transgender community (6/9/03)
Imani Henry Trans playwright activist performer, about his new play and current activism, and reading his poem, "Corn Fed Girl" (6/2/03)
Deborah Lake Fortson Playwright and activist, on the international trade in sexual slaves. (5/5/03)
Dallas Denny Transgender academic, activist and editor of Transgender Tapestry magazine, on transgenderism in the 90's (4/28/03)
Pauline Park Political scientist and transperson challenges "post identity" politics and the lack of visibility of persons of color in the transgender movement (3/31/03)
Virginia Stephenson Transgender activist, on New Mexico's recent adoption of broad statewide protections for gender diversity (3/31/03)
Isis Nusair Scholar and activist, on the situation of women's and human rights in the middle east and North Africa. (3/17/03)
Peter & Shirley Oiler On the aftermath of his firing by Winn-Dixie and the court judgement against him. (3/10/03)
Terry O'Neill Attorney, professor and NOW VP, on the recent Supreme Court decision that undercuts the security of abortion clinics nationwide, and other issues of importance to women today. (3/3/03)
Dr. Donna Lopiano Executive Director of the Women's Sports Foundation, on Title 9, the equal opportunity measure passed 30 years ago that is under attack for diverting funding from boy's athletics (2/24/03)
Dean Spade Transgender attorney and activist on trans activism, global issues, and the groundbreaking Kantaras ruling from Florida on the legal sex of a transsexual man (2/24/03)
Dr. Monica Casper New executive director of the Intersex Society of North America, on the connection between fetal surgery and intersexuality, gender and children's rights (2/17/03)
Alejandro Marcel Former director of Boston's Transgender Education Network, on problems created by John Shope and the BVNA for those attempting to do outreach work with transpersons (2/3/03)
John Shope Bay Village Neighborhood Association president, on problems that Jacque's, Boston's leading tranny bar, creates for it's neighbors (2/3/03)
Stephen Whittle A leading trans activist, author and academic, on trans representations and the rights of transsexual and transgender persons (1/20/03)
Dorian Solot &
Marshall Miller
Founders of the Alternatives to Marriage project, on difficulties faced by couples who elect to not get married (1/13/03)
Dallas Denny Respected writer, activist and Transgender Tapestry journal editor, guides us through the last 50 years of trans history (1/6/03)
Cristan Williams Co-founder of CATS Houston transitional living facility for transpersons, on who and what they are, and the help they need in order to survive (12/23/02)
Geeta Citygirl Actor, writer, performer, and director of the South Asian League of Artists in America, on her work and activism challenging ideals of female beauty (12/23/02)
Arline Isaacson Co-chair of the Massachusetts Lesbian & Gay Political Caucus, on their legislative agenda for 2003, and recent gay marriage news (12/9/02)
Cole Thaler Trans activist and lawyer, on Boston's new anti-discrimination ordinance that protects freedom of gender identity and expression (10/28/02)
Gwendolyn Smith On the 4th National Transgender Day of Remembrance and the recent Bay Area murder of trans teen Gwen Araujo (10/21/02)
Gilda Bruckman Co-founder of New Words women's bookstore, on their evolution for survival (9/23/02)
Mara Keisling &
Kathy Padilla
Transactivists who helped pass 3 trans-protective ordinances in Pennsylvania jurisdictions in early 2002 (6/10/02)
Cynthia BrianKate An electronic activist from Long Island who helped blow the whistle on transphobic practices at Microsoft and Yahoo (6/3/02)
Riki Anne Wilchins Founder and Executive Director of GenderPAC, on gender profiling and the upcoming 2nd National Conference on Gender (4/22/02)
Sabrina Marcus Southern Comfort Conference organizer, on planning the first-ever Gender March On Washington (4/15/02)
Yosenio Lewis Board chair of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (4/8/02)
Carolyn Wagner Co-founder of Families United Against Hate and national vice president of PFLAG, on fighting hate (3/11/02)
Courtney Sharp New Orleans transactivist on the struggle against Winn-Dixie's firing of crossdresser Peter Oiler (2/11/02)
Jessica Archer The circumstances of the murder of Terrianne Summers, and what is being done about it (12/17/01)
Jessica Archer Director of the Florida Organization for Gender Equality, on trans activism in Florida, and her gender performance art (12/10/01)
Sarah Gould Director of the Ms. Foundation for Women, on women's economic security issues and their campaign to raise the minimum wage (12/10/01)
Holly Ryan Obtaining state health policies guaranteeing availability of social services to trans people, and much more (12/3/01)
Grace Stowell Director of Boston Alliance of Gay & Lesbian Youth, on TG Remembrance and serving trans youth (11/26/01)
Gail Leondar-Wright Publicist, on publicizing progressive books, and helping a local women's bookstore (11/19/01)
Gunner Gurwich Boston area transctivism, including Day of Remembrance, a new political group, stopping a transphobic ad campaign and more (11/12/01)
Helen Matthews &
Sue Solomon
EcoFeminism and the connection between violence against women and violence against nature (11/5/01)
Monica Helms Atlanta transactivist, on 'Transgender Highway' and other new developments (9/24/01)
Kathy Wilson Leading advocate for reform of psychiatric classification of gender diversity as mental disorder tells us why (9/17/01)
Stacey Montgomery Boston area transactivist and poet, on collaborative activism (8/10/01)
Robyn Ochs "Bisexual Resource Guide" & pressing bisexuality issues (7/9/01)
Emi Koyama A new teaching kit from the Intersex Society of North America (6/25/01)
Jaedon A young Asian Pacific Islander activist on prejudice (6/18/01)
Max Cohen A 17 yr old radical white gender-queer activist and poet on ageism in the trans community; (6/18/01)
Merissa Sherrill Lynn IFGE's founding director and Transgender Tapestry founding editor on her vision (5/21/01)
David Rostcheck The Pink Pistols, a GLBT gun organization (5/7/01)
Nathan Purkis SF supervisor aide, on the new measure providing medical transition support for transsexuals (5/7/01)
Sandy Stone Transsexual academic studying interface, interaction and desire, on Janice Raymond and FreeNet" (4/16/01)
Grace Chang Author of "Disposable Domestics: Immigrant Women Workers in the Global Economy" (4/9/01)
Angela Gardner The Renaissance Education Association, a network of open support groups (3/26/01)
Sylvia Rivera Stonewall veteran on actions for murdered TS Amanda Milan (3/19/01)
Dana Rivers Award-winning High School teacher fired for being TS, now a leading activist (3/5/01)
Jessie Shafer Colorado Trans Activism & a journal for transgenders in prison. (2/26/01)
Riki Anne Wilchins Strategies for advocating for gender rights (2/19/01)
Cheryl Chase Advocating for intersexuals with the medical profession (1/29/01)
Julie Johnson The politics of national trans advocacy (1/15/01)
Riki Anne Wilchins GenderPAC and national trans advocacy (1/15/01)
Jessica Archer Activism against Winn-Dixie firing of crossdresser Peter Oiler (1/8/01)
Anne Casebeer National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (11/6/00)
Riki Anne Wilchins &
Lesbian Avengers
Camp Trans at Michigan Women's Music Festival (9/25/00)
Rikki Swin Founder of institute to benefit transpersons (8/21/00)
Monica Helms NGLTF's "Creating Change" and TG victim memorial (8/14/00)
Paisley Currah Co-author of the "Transgender Equality" handbook (7/31/00)
Lori Buckwalter Working with Portland, OR police on trans inmate guide (7/3/00)
Shawn Hayward Response to the new Vermont Civil Union legislation (7/24/00)
Riki Anne Wilchins Results from the Gender Lobby Days in Washington, DC.(6/5/00)
Bill Lippert Vermont's "civil union" bill, which passed the House and faces the senate. (3/27/00)
Tonye Baretto-Neto Update on TS incarcerate Dee Farmer (3/27/00)
Karen Mass TS activist who asked presidential candidate Al Gore what he would do for the rights of transgendered persons. (3/13/00)
Gwen Smith Cyberspace transactivist, on spinning webs that fill transgender community needs (2/21/00)
Tonye Barreto-Neto The story of unfairly incarcerated TS Dee Farmer (2/7/00)
Noel Lewis Help for battered lesbians (2/7/00)
Jean Kilbourne Internationally recognized, award-winning critic of images of women in advertising (12/13/99)
Dana Rivers Trannsexual teacher forced out of her job in California (12/6/99)
Riki Anne Wilchins Author of "Read My Lips" and GenderPAC founder, on transactivism (11/15/99)
Debra Davis TS activist, radio host & high-school librarian, on the legal attack against her right to use the ladies' bathroom (9/20/99)
Marsha Botzer Director of the Ingersoll Gender Center, on the new Seattle Ordinance protecting "Gender Identity" (9/20/99)
Dawn Wilson &
Dan Farrell
Kentucky activists on the Louisville anti-discrimination legislation effort (8/30/99)
Miranda Stevens-Miller Leading Illinois-area transactivist (8/23/99)
Lesbian Avengers Report on Camp Trans (8/23/99)
Kerry Lobel NGLTF executive director, on GLBT inclusion politics, HRC, and trans issues (8/16/99)
Shirley Bushnell,
Nancy Wilson,
Daviko Marcel &

[name removed by request]
On the recent trans bashings in Los Angeles, race, gender, and police behavior (8/9/99)
Kate More UK transsexual activist and academic, on trans prisoner abuses, HIV, and gender theorists (7/19/99)
Joan Goodnight Southern Californian crossdresser and community organizer (7/19/99)
Michelle Josef Canadian drummer on her challenge to provincial legislation & elimination of SRS coverage (6/28/99)
Penni Ashe On the Report on Transgender and Gender Variance in Massachusetts (5/31/99)
Hida Viloria Intersex activism, research, and the groundbreaking video "Hermaphrodites Speak" (5/17/99)
Ty Jalal FTM transgender person, on GLBT Muslims (5/17/99)
Virginia Prince Founder of the first crossdressing support group, tells her story of how it all happened (5/10/99)
Carrie Davis Director of Operations for GenderPAC, on Lobby Day and also the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA) (4/26/99)
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