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Toni Amato, transgender writer, performance artist and creative writing teacher, and co-editor of the forthcoming transgender anthology called "Pinned Down by Pronouns"

Monica Helms & Angela Brightfeather, transactivist co-founders of the Transgender American Veterans Association, on their reasons, purpose and plans

"I joined because I thought I'd be cured"

- Angela Brightfeather

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00:00 Introduction and commentary, including:
  • Nancy's niece
  • The Holidaze
  • Movie: "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter"
  • Listener letter: Our "left wing" bias
15:57 Question of the Week

"I'm transgendered, professional and eventually planning on transitioning by the age of 35. I have known someone now since after my return from Desert Storm in 1991. We have a child together and I know she has always wanted to be married in her eyes. I also would like to be married but the dilemma is in that if I were to marry her then upon my transition I would assume I would have to have a divorce. I've heard there are ways around getting divorced, but am not sure. I feel in my mind that marriage is ethical yet I'm sure some might not feel so. What is your stance on this topic?"
(From: Alejandra)

22:26 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News:
  • Cleveland Heights, Ohio to open domestic partnership registry
  • Ten year Brandon Teena murder anniversary
  • Anglican Church shut down after defying same-sex unions
  • Viacom to launch GLBT channel "Outlet"
  • NY transvestite restaurant sues for poor review
  • First wedded Gay Canadian couple chosen 'Newsmaker of the Year'
  • Genetically altered glowing fish appears at Mall of America
  • US Marshall impersonator pledges to refrain from stupidity
36:25 "Pinned Down by Pronouns" would be an apt description for most transgender persons, if not our culture as a whole. Too often, our voices are drowned out by the descriptions of those who exploit our differences for their own personal gain. Join us for a rousing conversation with teacher, editor, and writing coach Toni Amato, co-editor of a new anthology of authentic transgender writings.

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62:51 "Down Time" by Hal Fuller (0:50)
64:10 Special Message
65:00 Boston area (and national) announcements
66:55 One of the more invisible minorities out there is that of transgendered veterans. For some, the idea of a transgendered person in the military is unimaginable. But that is starting to change, and some transactivists are helping that change along. Monica Helms and Angela Brightfeather join us to talk about a new organization they co-founded, the Transgender American Veterans Association.

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89:36 End
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