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Willa Schneberg Award winning and widely published poet, on her latest 'poetry of witness' called "Storytelling in Cambodia" (8/19/06)
Alicia Goranson & Peggy Munson Queer writer from the Boston area and author of the novel "Supervillainz", & disabled queer femme writer and author of the novel "Origami Striptease" (8/5/06)
Chris Diani Gay film producer, on his first feature-length film, a campy romp around the gay horror set titled "Creature from the Pink Lagoon" (7/29/06)
Emily Metcalfe Trans poet and activist, talks about a new trans support group, and reads some of her poetry (7/22/06)
Kate Bornstein On her latest work, a book entitled, "Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and other Outlaws" (7/8/06)
Andrea James & Calpernia Adams Trans activists, actresses, and entrepreneurs, on their part in the movie TransAmerica and their trans education and advocacy work (4/15/06)
Dan Hunt Co-producer of a new documentary film "Cruel and Unusual" that reveals the merciless entrapment of transgender individuals at the intersection of our gender and penal systems (4/1/06)
Bradford Louryk Creator and performer of an impressive new show titled "Christine Jorgenson Reveals", which provides a profound view into the life and character of this trans pioneer (4/1/06)
Jennifer Jordan Writer, producer and former news anchor for NPR's All Things Considered, on the "Women of K2" (2/4/06)
Jill Dolan Professor of theater, about the transformative nature of performance, and how it can serve as both an incubator and a vehicle for gender and social change. (1/28/06)
Tranny Music On the night before Christmas, Nancy & Gordene share some of their favorite trans-produced and tranny-themed music. (12/24/05)
CC Saint Claire Australian English teacher by day, and by night, the writer of lesbian romance novels with a penchant for social justice, on her new novel about a female-to-male transsexual (8/6/05)
Michelle DuMaresq, Diana Wilson & Karen Duthie The story of how Michelle became the first openly transgender person to represent her country in world championship competition, and the making of the documentary "100% Woman" about her journey from first competition to world championship participation (1/31/05)
Paul Kivel Author of a new book titled "You Call This a Democracy? Who Benefits, Who Pays and Who Really Decides", on the ruling class in the US (11/29/04)
Paul Loeb Editor of a new collection titled "The Impossible Will Take a Little While: A Citizen's Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear" (11/22/04)
Julie Novak Author, on two coloring books that aim to change the way that children view girls and women (10/04/04)
Maureen Sullivan Author of "The Family of Woman: Lesbian Mothers, Their Children, and the Undoing of Gender", on her study of more than 30 lesbian families and the role of gender in their lives (9/6/04)
Gunner Scott Founder of "Gendercrash", a monthly open-mic event that provides an opportunity for Boston-area poets, writers, songsters and other creative gender rebels to strut their stuff; plus trans writers Alicia Goranson, Nathan Levitt and Flynn May read some of their work and chat with us about the role of art in their lives (8/16/04)
Wayne Besen Columnist and author, on unmasking the scandals and lies behind the ex-gay myth (7/19/04)
Amy Hoff Writer and anthropologist talks about her Scottish pirate trilogy featuring a female pirate and a male character critics have said is not masculine enough(7/05/04)
Dee MacLachlan &
Patricia Church
Producer and director of "M2F: A Journey in Gender Identity", a wise and visionary documentary about Male to Female transgenderism (6/14/04)
James Nadeau Coordinator of the Gay & Lesbian film festival at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts (5/3/04)
Sam Zolten Producer of an award-winning documentary about a 16 year old female to male transsexual living in Tucson, Arizona (4/26/04)
Imani Henry Transman, writer, activist and performance artist, on theatre, activism, and intersections between the two (4/5/04)
Jim Marks Lambda Literary Foundation executive director, about the withdrawal of Bailey's "Man Who Would Be Queen" from their awards nomination list (3/15/04)
Rachel Pollack Prolific trans writer of award-winning science fiction, whose latest book is a trans detective novel, and whose interest in Tarot has led to her design of a new Tarot deck (3/15/04)
Kate Bornstein &
Gail Leondar-Wright
On the ongoing controversy over the Lambda Literary Foundation's award nomination of a transphobic book (3/1/04)
Gypsey Teague Editor of a new anthology of works by and about transgender people in the 21st century (3/1/04)
Andrea James &
Calpernia Adams
On the first all-transgender performance of the Vagina Monologues in Los Angeles (2/16/04)
Jim Marks Lambda Literary Foundation director, responds to complaints about his organization's nomination of a trans-stigmatizing book for an award (2/9/04)
Julia Serano Trans poet, musician, organizer and educator, on her poetry and other artistic endeavors (2/9/04)
Lee Thornhill Trans poet and founder of Conviction Books, publisher of the trans anthology "Pinned Down by Pronouns", on his poetry and publications (2/9/04)
Laurie Kahn-Leavitt Her documentary about the Tupperware story reveals how the drive and determination of the woman who made that company a huge success broke gender role stereotypes in the 50s (1/26/04)
Toni Amato Transgender writer, performance artist and creative writing teacher, and co-editor of the forthcoming transgender anthology called "Pinned Down by Pronouns" (12/29/03)
Rosalyne Blumenstein Respected transactivist, therapist and writer, on her new book "Branded T" (12/22/03)
Kate Moses Author of the novel "Wintering" based on the real-life struggles of Poet Sylvia Plath, on Sylvia's writing and events leading up to her suicide (12/1/03)
Steven Riel Poet whose words speak uniquely to the free spirit that gives our souls and our gender their lifeblood (10/20/03)
Ellen Bass Poet, therapist and co-author of "The Courage to Heal," a lifeline for many survivors of child sexual abuse, on her newest work, a book of poems called "Mules of Love" (10/20/03)
Donna Rose Transsexual author of a memoir entitled "Wrapped in Blue: a Journey of Discovery", on the more human elements involved in a gender transition (10/13/03)
Molly Hurley Moran Author of "Finding Susan", about the murder of her sister in 1994, leading to her advocacy for victims of domestic violence (10/13/03)
Pearl Cleage Popular black feminist author whose new book considers the effects of the participation of black women in political leadership (9/29/03)
Bob Shanke Author of a new biography titled "That furious Lesbian: The story of Mercedes de Acosta" (9/15/03)
Diana Bryer New Mexican painter whose art marries a brilliantly colorful aesthetic with loving environmental consciousness (9/1/03)
Linda Phillips Transwoman who has authored a fascinating new book - under her former male name - on the art of automotive antiques and the people who love them (8/4/03)
Jennifer Boylan Highly respected professor of English, on her new transsexual memoir entitled "She's Not There" (7/28/03)
Sharon Bridgeforth African American artist, on lesbian parenting and the beauty of life with her daughter, whose music mixes gracefully with her mom's poetry on their new CD (7/28/03)
Calpernia Addams Transsexual whose romance with murdered soldier Barry Winchell has been made into a movie adaptation titled "A Soldier's Girl" (6/9/03)
Melissa Regan Director and creator of the award-winning short documentary film "No dumb Questions," about three young girls whose uncle is becoming their aunt (6/2/03)
Barbara Jones Anthropologist and author of "Bike Lust: Harleys, Women and American Society", on women and motorcycling (5/26/03)
Peter F. Murphy Author of "Studs, Tools, and the Family Jewels: Metaphors Men Live By", on how the language of masculinity shapes men's experience (5/12/03)
John DeVito Film scholar who has partnered with a local film critic to teach a course on Transgender Cimena in Cambridge (4/21/03)
Noelle Howey Author of "Dress Codes" and daughter of a man who changed his sex, shares some of her criticisms of the HBO film "Normal" (3/24/03)
Dean Kotula Photographer and author of a new book called "The Phallus Palace: Female to Male Transsexuals" (3/24/03)
Tina Sievers Transsexual advisor to the HBO film drama "Normal" which portrays the experience of a married couple whose male half comes out as a transsexual woman. (3/17/03)
Valerie Boyd Author and editor, on the life of Zora Neale Hurtston, one of America's great writers and a groundbreaking African-American woman (2/3/03)
Andrea Holley Human Rights Watch Director of Outreach and Public Education and manager of their International Film Festival, on a few good documentary films (1/27/03)
Zach Nataf Director of the first International Transgender Film Festival in 1997, on representations of transgenderism in the media (1/20/03)
Thea Hillman Acclaimed poet and intersex activist, on her poetry, intersexuality, and activism (12/30/02)
Malka Drucker Author of "White Fire: A Portrait of Women Spiritual Leaders in America" on the roles of women in traditional and non-traditional religion (12/30/02)
Melissa Hart Author of a book about her experience as a child taken from her loving mother by a court of law solely because her mother is lesbian (11/25/02)
Kari Edwards Award-winning transgender poet and artist, on her art and activism (11/11/02)
Ellen Cooney Novelist and professor of creative writing, on her scripting of lesbian characters (10/7/02)
T Cooper Performer and author of "Some of the Parts" a novel that redefines the concept of what constitutes a family (9/30/02)
Susan Stryker Queer historian, artist, and executive director of the GLBT Historical Society of Northern California, on bay area GLBT (heavy on the trans) history. (9/9/02)
Dréd Gerestant Performance artist, on her innovative onstage gender shape-shifting (9/2/02)
Cat Grant &
Boyd Kodak
Trans video artists and producers of "Counting Past 2," Totonto's trans film festival (8/19/02)
Gina Kamentsky Creator of "T-Gina," a comic strip about a transsexual woman -- and life in general (7/15/02)
Imani Henry Female-to-male writer, activist and performer whose powerful new play chronicles struggles around gender issues (6/10/02)
Letta Neely Lesbian activist slam poet, author of two books and a new play entitled "Hamartia Blues" (5/6/02)
Murray Hill Popular NYC drag king performer (4/22/02)
Freddie Fagula Drag king & co-director of a documentary on the radical nature of drag (4/22/02)
Andrew Matzner "O Au No Keia," a book about Hawaii's Mahu and Transgender Communities (4/8/02)
Eloise Klein Healy Award-winning lesbian poet, speaks candidly and wisely about her lifelong relationship with poetry (3/4/02)
Jim Gladstone Author of a novel about the complexities of growing up gay and developing a gay identity (2/4/02)
Adam Mastoon Photographer on his new book featuring the 'coming out' stories of GLBT youth (8/27/01)
Lisa Davis "Under The Mink," a mystery-thriller about '40s drag workers in Greenwich Village nightclubs (7/23/01)
Sharon Hartman Strom History professor & author of "Political Woman", on US feminist activism history (7/2/01)
Jyl Felman Teaching as performance & her book "Never a Dull Moment" (6/25/01)
Amy Sonnie Editor of "Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology," on radical queer youth art and writing (6/18/01)
Alix Olson Feminist lesbian performance poet performs two gender-oriented works (6/4/01)
Samuel R. Delaney Renowned science fiction author, on gender, sexual & racial themes in SF & his work (6/4/01)
Kate Bornstein &
Barbara Carellas
Their play "Too Tall Blondes in Love" and relationship issues (5/28/01)
Greg Herren Year 2001 Lambda Literary Award finalists. (4/30/01)
Carolyn Latteier Award-winning author of "Breasts: The Women's Perspective on an American Obsession." (3/5/01)
Amy Schutzer Lesbian novel "Undertow" (10/23/00)
Barbara Wilson Lesbian novelist discusses her latest (10/16/00)
Laetitia Kore How poetry and song saved her life (10/9/00)
Drew Campbell FTM TS author of "The Bride Wore Black Leather..." (7/3/00)
Marijane Meaker Pioneering young adult GLBT-content novelist (7/17/00)
Shawn Hayward Shares some of hir poems and gender journeys (6/19/00)
Chris Bohjalian Novel "Trans-Sister Radio" discusses love through transition and SRS. (6/5/00)
Shelley Bindon The 2000 Lambda Literary Award nominees (5/01/00)
Mia Anderson Gender, race, and her theatre production "Drag Kings, Sluts and Goddesses" (4/10/00)
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