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Sharon Hartman Strom, professor of history and author of "Political Woman", on Florence Luscomb and the history of feminist activism in the US

Norrie May Welby, Australian MTF transactivist "Spansexual" on breaking away from prescribed identities and genders

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00:00 Introduction
05:13 Question of the week:
" I have considered developing breasts. I have seen lots of things like all natural hormones and creams. has a product they say is safe for males to use. I would like to know about some safe for males to use products. I am interested in developing real breasts in a 'C' size. " (from: Tiffany, Baltimore)
13:52 Hal Fuller's Twisted Nasty News
27:14 Sharon Hartman Strom, author of "Political Woman: Florence Luscomb and the Legacy of Radical Reform", on the life of an early feminist activist. Sharon is a professor of history, and we spoke with her about the history of feminist activism in the United States, as well as the life of Florence Luscomb, the subject of her book.
Her other books include "Beyond the Typewriter: Gender, Class and the Origins of Modern American Office Work, 1900-1930" and a co-edited book, "Moving the Moutain: Women Working for Social Change"
53:28 Special Message
54:27 Boston area (and national) announcements
57:56 Norrie May Welby Norrie May Welby (, Sydney, Australia-based MTF transperson active in social services and trans activism, as well as gender workshops and performances. Norrie May received "Sexual Realignment Surgery" in 1989, but now feels that her identity does not fit the pre-programmed transsexual model. She finds herself preceived alternately as male, female, neither or both, and refers to herself as a "Spansexual". We asked her what she means by 'spansexual,' about her gender and about the work that she is doing on behalf of transpeople.
Visit Norrie May's website at
Norrie May's "Transnational Spansexual Foundation"
87:03 End
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