GenderTalk Radio by Topic
Mikayla Howden Director of TS Haven House in Penacook, NH, on the public splash she made with an AP article about her same-sex marriage, and her newfound occupation (6/3/06)
Mark Angelo Cummings Cuban trans man, training studio owner and author of The Mirror Makes No Sense (5/13/06)
Richard Docter Psychologist and longtime transgender observer, on his new biography of Virginia Prince, transgender pioneer and founder of the first-ever crossdressing support group (5/6/06)
Lily McBeth 70-year-old transgender school teacher from New Jersey, talks about her struggle to be allowed back into the classroom after coming under attack by parents (3/11/06)
Susie, Tim, and their trans daughter Jackie On their trip to Boston to obtain medical care for Jackie that they were refused in England (12/3/05)
Alexander Rasmussen 19-year-old transman, on being beaten up for the simple fact of being (12/3/05)
Vanessa Edwards Foster Chair of National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, on the wake of hurricane Rita and transgender persons in the gulf coast region (9/24/05)
Michelle DuMaresq, Diana Wilson & Karen Duthie The story of how Michelle became the first openly transgender person to represent her country in world championship competition, and the making of the documentary "100% Woman" about her journey from first competition to world championship participation (1/31/05)
Sandra Clark Trans musician and parent from Toledo Ohio, on her memoir of her transition from man to woman called "Running To Normal" (10/11/04)
Lauren Lipscomb Talks, with hir partner Charlie, about hir transition and how it affected legal proceedings for custody of hir gender-questioning child (7/05/04)
Lauren & Genita McGonagle Lauren's transition and unusual work situation, and on their long-term relationship (5/24/04)
GenderTalk Forum Ethan, Hal, Gordene & Nancy join in an open discussion of their personal gender identity issues (4/19/04)
Marc Bonagura Professor of English and writer who, though he feels transgendered, does not fit into any of the well-publicized transgender categories (1/26/04)
Holly Boswell Transgender activist, spiritualist & visionary catches us up on her personal journey, as well as upcoming kindred spirits events (1/5/04)
Rosalyne Blumenstein Respected transactivist, therapist and writer, on her new book "Branded T" (12/22/03)
Donna Rose Transsexual author of a memoir entitled "Wrapped in Blue: a Journey of Discovery", on the more human elements involved in a gender transition (10/13/03)
Jennifer Boylan Highly respected professor of English, on her new transsexual memoir entitled "She's Not There" (7/28/03)
Jake Rich Popular WMBR disc jockey reports on his recent transition from Deb to Jake, and listener response as "Debbie Does Dallas" becomes "Jake's Juke Joint" (6/30/03)
Dr. Napewastewin Sch¸tzer Native American born transsexual woman who transitioned over 15 years ago, on her life adventure, her love of horses, and more (2/17/03)
Dallas Denny Respected writer, activist and Transgender Tapestry journal editor, guides us through the last 50 years of trans history (1/6/03)
Barbra Casbar A male-to-female trans person who recently lost her loving wife, but has found new life on her own through transgender activism (11/25/02)
Janet Barger Former professor at the University of Texas tells the story of her firing because of her gender transition (8/19/02)
Jewels Cameron Wolf Transgendered first grade teacher, on difficulties she is encountering on the job despite excellent evaluations (7/1/02)
Robin Phillips Trans person, activist & small business owner, on her post-transition life and activism (7/1/02)
Mimi Angelica The 'out' crossdresser who answered the call for help on September 11th (1/28/02)
Grace Stowell Transwoman director of Boston's BAGLY, on her personal gender identity evolution (11/26/01)
Ethan St. Pierre Transman whose aunt Debra Forte was murdered in 1995, shares some of his personal experience (11/26/01)
Leo Stellwag Feminist & former lesbian who now identifies as mostly gay, on his journey of self-discovery (10/22/01)
Peter & Shirley Oiler On their challenge to an employer's right to fire someone for crossdressing at home (10/8/01)
Randey Gordon High school art teacher on her trailblazing gender transition in progress (8/27/01)
Aleshia Brevard Author of "The Woman I Was Not Born To Be: A Transsexual Journey" (6/11/01)
Christine Beatty TS writer, programmer & lead singer of rock 'n roll band Glamazon (6/11/01)
Robin Phillips Albuquerque trans person on her transition & her life (5/14/01)
4 trans leaders Special tribute to deceased transactivist Penni Ashe Matz (4/2/01)
Ethan St. Pierre FTM transperson on his relationship with MTF partner Karen Martin (2/12/00)
[name removed by request] All about transitioning while working for a major TV studio (2/5/01)
Bobbi Williams With the "gyrls" (12/4/00)
Lynn Conway Renowned TS computer scientist on coming out (7/17/00)
Andrea Uehara TS tells her story of transition (7/3/00)
Stephanie Vanin Observations about the way she is treated as a woman (6/26/00)
Virginia Stephenson Her experiences on being gender-fluid in Albuquerque, New Mexico (5/01/00)
Sylvia Durand Transitioning within the Canadian military (4/24/00)
Brian Peters High School Junior sent home for wearing a dress to school (4/3/00)