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Alexander Rasmussen, 19-year-old transman, on being beaten up for the simple fact of being

Susie, Tim, and their trans daughter Jackie, on their trip to Boston to obtain medical care for Jackie that they were refused in England

Carl Sciortino, MA State Representative, on his commitment to passing trans-inclusive amendments to the state hate crimes and non-discrimination laws

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00:00 Introduction
  • Listener Feedback
  • On stealth and being 'out'
  • Raving Raven: Parrot foils cheating husband, fire crews start carrying pet oxygen masks
13:13 Gender News
  • UAE tries to deter homosexual men
  • NJ: First-ever commercial advocating trans rights plays
  • South Africa high court rules prohibition of gay marriage unconstitutional
  • Argentina: first-ever Latin American & Carribean conference on trans and intersex
  • Oxford U student criminalized for commenting on officer's "gay horse"
  • CA: Committee to hear testimony on hate crimes
  • Federal judge rules that lesbian student can sue school for 'outing' her to her parents
  • Thailand: Ladyboys rival Disney theme park for attendance
  • Movies currently playing
28:14 Question of the Week

"Why is it that, you need a psychotherapist in order to get hormones? I didn't hear the radio answer to this question but with on line web's you can order just about anything without seeing a Doctor. Also I have know a few psychotherapist in Ft Worth, they try to make a good living with this subject by getting them back in the office many times, only to tell them what I already know about themselves."
(From: Andrew)

39:29 We often hear stories about the violence suffered by trasn persons, but rarely do we have the opportunity to hear about the experience firsthand, from the victim. Alexander Rasmussen, a 19 year old female-to-male transsexual, relates two recent instances of being violently attacked without provocation, for the simple fact of being trans. But he also speaks of empowerment and creating change.

As a young author, Alex hopes to inspire young and old alike in spreading tolerance, knowledge, and acceptance of transgender individuals. He believes that with determination, teamwork and commitment, the transgender community can stand as one and break down the barriers set before us.

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64:22 More and more parents are giving compassionate assistance to their children who are transgendered. Unfortunately, the most caring of parents sometimes encounter obstacles that prevent them from providing appropriate support for their children. Susie, Tim, and Jackie, their 12 year old MTF child, take time during their trip to Boston for medical help that was denied them in their native England, to talk with us. We spoke about Jackie's determination, her parent's learning process, and their quest for the best possible medical help for young Jackie.

Jacki was born a boy, but has consistently maintained from a very young age (3 years onwards) that she should have been a girl. She has been incredibly brave, and due to persistence and determination she has managed to overcome the hurdles placed in front of her. The school has changed her name to Jacki on the register, and staff call her by female pronouns. She has a group of female friends who have known her from junior school and support her.

103:30 Every new law needs a sponsor, and the Massachusetts transgender community has a new hero: Carl Sciortino, freshman State Representative from the 34th Middlesex district (Somerville and Medford) has declared his support for trans-inclusive hate crime and non-discrimination amendments. An openly gay man who defeated a virulently homophobic opponent in the 2004 election, Carl is a member of the Progressive Democrats of Somerville, Mass NOW, the Sierra Club, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
120:00 End
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