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Elena Ortiz-Junes Native American activist, writer, and vice chair of the Ortiz center, talks about Thanksgiving, Native Americans, problems with anthropologists, and much more (11/19/05)
David Hill Director of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, on the status of the effort on behalf of Leonard (11/24/03)
Dr. Napewastewin Schu¸tzer Native American born transsexual woman who transitioned over 15 years ago, on her life adventure, her love of horses, and more (2/17/03)
Dr. Terry Tafoya American Indian researcher and faculty member at the Kinsey Insititute, on his work there and on a new study on the health and wholeness of native two spirit communities (12/16/02)
Moonanum James Native American activist, on the real origins of "Thanksgiving Day" and the ongoing struggle against oppression and genocide. (12/2/02)
Annalyssa Gypsy Murphy Cherokee/Blackfoot Native American college teacher, on anti-indigenous racism, including team mascots, Columbus Day and the fogotten histories of women of color (10/14/02)
Marquetta Peltier & Dennis Moynihan Daughter of Leonard Peltier, and local coordinator for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, on where things stand for the man scapegoated for the killing of two FBI agents (6/24/02)
Alexandra Halkin Founder of the Chiapas Media Project, on empowering embattled people to tell their own story by video (3/25/02)
Pagan Kennedy "Black Livingstone," the true story of early black American missionary to Africa William Sheppard (2/18/02)
Anna Utech Indigenous rights activist, on the struggles of the people of Chiapas, Mexico (10/1/01)
Qwo-Li Driskill A young Two-Spirit activist on appropriation of Native American culture in the queer community (6/18/01)
John Ross The struggles of the indigenous people of Chiapas, Mexico (1/29/01)
Valerie Red-Horse Contemporary Native American film producer (11/20/00)
Moonanum James National Day of Mourning (11/20/00)
Fedelia Cross The injustice of Leonard Peltier's incarceration (10/9/00)
Gina Chiapa Co-ordinator of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, on the case, the FBI, and prospects for fairness (2/21/00)
Ted Glick Activist organizer on indigenous peoples and the brutal wrongs misremembered by "Columbus Day" (10/11/99)
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