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Joelle Ruby Ryan, transgender activist, author and doctoral student, on transgender representations in the media: the good, the bad, and why

Joseph Paralagreco, award winning cinematographer, and Reverend Malcom Himschoot, transman, talk about their inspiring new documentary titled "Call Me Malcom"

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00:00 Introduction
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance (see Boston TGDOR photos)
  • Raving Raven: Listener letter on veganism, silk farming problems
16:43 Gender News
  • TX: Mother of 6th grader complains of bikini-clad girls
  • Ethan & Gordene discuss man- and wommanhood
  • New court TV series to re-enact domestic murders
  • 18-year old jailed for sodomy held under house arrest
  • Gay man seeks to use same-sex partnership to avoid damning testimony
  • Wisconsin moves forward on anti-gay marrriage amendment
  • Legislators propose MedicAid benefits for married gay/lesbian couples
  • Woman soldier declares conscientious objection to Iraq war
30:20 Question of the Week

"I have not come out to my co-workers at work yet. I am a mtf that is not yet in transition, but most of my friends know I will be and I hope to be starting full time next year. I work in the animation industry, and I've been working for this studio for about a year now. I would really like to know how to go about telling them and making sure it goes smoothly. I know a police detective in Vancouver that transitioned on the job site, but she had a lot of seniority with her career. I really would not want to end my new career that I am now thriving in, yet at the same time I feel like I can't wait any longer to start my transition."
(From: Elizabeth)

40:19 Evelien's Diary, entry 27: "Steering Wheel"

Evelien's website:

45:44 Once again GenderTalk takes a look at transgender images in the media, this time with the help of transgender activist, author and doctoral student Joelle Ruby Ryan. Joelle is researching trans media representations for her doctoral work on "the Politics of Trans Representations in Film and Television", in American Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Joelle is the founder of New Hampshire Transgender Resources for Education and Empowerment, a grass-roots trans group in NH dedicated to social support, education and political advocacy. She is the co-producer (with Peter Welch) of two autobiographical videos: 1995's "A Transgender Path" and 2003's "TransAmazon: A Gender Queer Journey," which have screened at film festivals in the US, Australia and the UK. She is also author of a book of poems entitled "Gender Quake," poems that explores what it means to be a transgendered individual in America.

88:25 The GenderTalk Calendar
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92:54 A new documentary film by Joseph Paralagreco on the FTM transition of Reverend Malcolm Himschoot breaks new ground in aligning a healthy view of transgenderism with a major Christian religion. Malcolm is the protagonist in the documentary "Call me Malcom," produced mostly while he was a seminary student. A 28-year old transman, Malcolm is now a United Church of Christ minister serving at Plymouth Church in Minneapolis, and one of only a few openly transgender clergy members in the United States. Award-winning cinematographer Paralagreco served as director, producer and cinematographer on this UCC-produced feature documentary.

Joseph Paralagreco's directing credits include work for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, AND VH1, and his documentary work includes award winning documentaries including "Bisexual: Redifining Stereotypes in the Christian Community." He is the founder of Filmworks, and also helped launch 2 networks, America's Talking and MSNBC.

Says Malcolm, "Imagine a church producing a feature documentary for film festivals about a transgender minister."

119:34 End
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