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Jenn Burleton Trans activist talks about a new political advocacy group working to raise awareness about challenges facing gender variant kids and their families (9/9/06)
Kim and Shawn
Mom and trans son share their experiences around his transition and their advocacy efforts (9/9/06)
Mark Angelo & Violet Cummings Friends of the parents of a 5 year old Florida transgender girl who will be entering kindergarten as a girl this fall (7/15/06)
Kate Bornstein On her latest work, a book entitled, "Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and other Outlaws" (7/8/06)
Dan Hunt Co-producer of a new documentary film "Cruel and Unusual" that reveals the merciless entrapment of transgender individuals at the intersection of our gender and penal systems (4/1/06)
Alexander Rasmussen 19-year-old transman, on being beaten up for the simple fact of being (12/3/05)
Susie, Tim, & trans daughter Jackie On their trip to Boston to obtain medical care for Jackie that they were refused in England (12/3/05)
Nell Bernstein Award-winning journalist, on the too-often thoughtless treatment of children of the incarcerated (10/29/05)
Kim Stankovich A trans woman in Spokane, Washington, who was jailed for failure to pay child support, talks about how her transsexuality was used against her, and support she received from other activists. Also Chrissa, a friend of Kim, on the local Spokane scene and the unmet needs of young trans persons (8/6/05)
[name reomved by request] Transgender activist, on queer organizing in a San Francisco college environment (11/24/03)
Gunner Scott Boston area transactivist whose ButchDykeBoy [now GenderCrash -ed.] website is one of Boston's leading resources for the young trans and FTM communities (10/27/03)
Melissa Regan Director and creator of the award-winning short documentary film "No dumb Questions," about three young girls whose uncle is becoming their aunt (6/2/03)
Grace Stowell Director of Boston Alliance of Gay & Lesbian Youth, on TG Remembrance and serving trans youth (11/26/01)
Adam Mastoon Photographer on his new book featuring the 'coming out' stories of GLBT youth (8/27/01)
Jaedon A young Asian Pacific Islander activist on prejudice (6/18/01)
Amy Sonnie Editor of "Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology," on radical queer youth art and writing (6/18/01)
Qwo-Li Driskill A young Two-Spirit activist on appropriation of Native American culture in the queer community (6/18/01)
Max Cohen A 17 yr old radical white gender-queer activist and poet on ageism in the trans community; (6/18/01)
Marijane Meaker Pioneering young adult GLBT-content novelist (7/17/00)
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